As we enter the vacation season several families start looking for Security Camera installation in Manhattan to make sure that everything will be in control even when everyone in the household is away. This is great, it’s the first step in prioritizing your home. But they are frustrated with the age-old question: How can they get the right choice of security company to do the installation? And it’s not something to ignore.

Here are some tips on what to do before and after you’ve set your sights on a security company to take care of your home. Also read about Orbit Camera.

Make sure they do a personalized study based on your security needs.

Don’t accept that they offer you various types of “Kits” that will “Solve your problems” without first having gone through your home to determine if they are really effective for you, because believe it or not, the real security needs of a home are very individual, so not all homes need the same thing or the same amounts.

Forget about walk-ins or those who try to scare you.

There is a chance that since you walk into the company’s store and they are already starting to scare you with the possibilities without even knowing your home, or that a dealer will make an unannounced visit to your home just to warn you of the insecurities you possess and that their product could help you with it. 

Be wary of everything, if the seller is using the method of fear by warning you about burglaries in the area or something similar, he is completely desperate to sell his product that may not be the most efficient and is at a cost too high for the real needs of your home.

Decisions about your security should be pragmatic based on your needs, not on fear.

Be wary of salespeople who badmouth the competition.

Remember that undervaluing the competition only shows that they don’t have enough resources to give you a valid service rather than “playing the martyr”. 

The companies that are really worthwhile and professional have enough arguments to tell you what are the differences from the rest of the companies without the need to discredit the efforts of others. 

Do not be satisfied with the verbal commitments that the salesperson makes to you.

There is the possibility that through verbal promises you accept a service, only to realize later that it was not real and that the actual contract is very different from what was previously discussed. (Clearly a scammer will have a way to answer these unknowns without appearing to be scamming you). 

So it is best to demand that these commitments offered by the company are in writing in a contract that you can read with peace of mind.

Demand a complete copy of the contract you have signed.

Even if you sign a contract on an electronic device, it is possible to demand a full copy of the entire contract so that you can access the clauses whenever you want. In addition, it allows you to read it at your leisure and to be able to ask the service providers any questions you may have. 

Receive the security system documentation correctly.

Usually the serious companies tend to provide you with the contract filled out in private security (with its date of registration and number), catalog book of installation and monitoring of the security system sealed by private security (which is mandatory to have because there may be a penalty if not found at the time needed), a certificate of installation and connection to the central station and also an installation manual where you can locate the plans where the equipment and wiring are located.

Verify that at least one on-site maintenance check is performed every year.

Private Security laws require that companies make at least occasional preventive reviews of the installed security system, and in the case of cameras, they must go personally to check that everything is good.. 

This can be asked before hiring the service. The good thing is that if they have it, it assures you that they will be linked to you even when the service is already installed.