Scam or Legit – CFD Trader Software

Alright so before diving into CFD trader software lets go through CFD’s and what they are for all those who are new to this concept. CFD also known as contract for differences are primarily agreements between an investor and a CFD broker for exchanging the difference in value of a financial product between the time the contract opens and closes. This type of trading is highly advanced and mostly experienced traders trade in this manner due to the complexity and overall nature of trading. 

Now let’s talk about CFD trader software and what this software mainly is. This software is considered to be an essential tool for any investor as it is considered to facilitate trading and aid an investor in all types of technical statistics and analysis. Now essentially these trading software are known for making the trade easier for an investor as it aids the investor in technical analysis and in overall CFD trading. It helps and provides an investor with indicators for a favourable trade, charts and several types of other mechanisms that aid the investor. 

CFD Trader Software: Scam or Legit? 

Now let’s dig deep into this software to identify whether this trading software is actually a lifesaver or is it just another scam! Now the entire CFD trader software is a big binary option scam which will only leave you penniless! The software is marketed by brokers on a claim that it will generate massive returns and it’s just another tactic used by brokers to lure in investors and advertise this software as a lifesaver when in reality it will only lead you to losing money and that’s all! 

This software is advertised as it is very attractive and lucrative for all investors however it’s just another scamming technique that is used to lure people in and scam investors. It will only lead to losing money and generating 0 returns on any trades. 

Fundstrace To Your Rescue!

Now you might be wondering where I’ve gotten all this information from and how do I know it’s a scam? Now let me give you a little backstory into how I found an amazing website called Fundstrace which led me to this conclusion that CFD trader softwares are scams! My friend was looking for trading CFD’s and her so-called broker kept insisting on using CFD trader softwares but she was a bit skeptical so she told me to do my research and dig deep into whether this is legit or a scam.

Now as we all know Google is full of 10000 results and all of them gave me mixed reviews as some of them were by the fraud brokers to lure people in. I finally found a website that was legit and it was Fundstrace. This website is an actual company that helps people and investors recover any money from scams and it has all this information relevant to scams that helps investors and traders in trading.

The website had all the information relevant to CFD trader software and it listed down all the reasons why it was considered to be a scam with proper credentials and trader reviews which then led me to believe that this trader software is truly a scam and I told my friend to refrain from trading with the same broker. Thanks to Fundstrace I was able to stop my friend from losing her money and getting scammed. This website is truly a lifesaver and for all new traders and beginners it is ideal to do your research before investing and trading in CFD. You can thank me later!