The cost of living has increased considerably. As a result, managing everything from groceries to healthcare and utilities takes more money. Moreover, stagnating wage increments and higher interest rates compound this increase. As a result, Australian families are feeling the pinch; thus, they are turning their attention to cost-saving measures. And in this financial climate, every little bit counts.

There are numerous ways to lower your living costs. Every change you make will have a different level of impact. Thus, it only takes a little ingenuity and finding the most effective adjustments. However, the trickiest aspect of cutting costs is striking the right balance to avoid adversely affecting your current lifestyle.

One of the most important cost centres in your home is energy. Modern lifestyles demand a lot of energy to maintain. Therefore, your electricity bills are your biggest budgetary concern. Unfortunately, gas and electricity prices are skyrocketing; thus, finding viable alternatives is imperative.

The best alternative source of energy is solar power which you can use for your home and cut down on your electricity bills. Companies like SunPower By Custom Energy offer solar panel installation at an affordable rate and a complete system warranty. Transitioning to solar provides numerous monetary benefits as you take advantage of a renewable energy source that allows you to eliminate your reliance on costly fossil fuels.    

All in all, the aptest summary for today’s living conditions is: the price of everyday products is rising- save money with these powerful solar products.

Solar Installations

If ever there was a convenient time to switch to solar power, this is it. Relying on solar energy for your electricity needs is particularly unique in its brilliance. After all, the sun is an ever-present energy source whose appearance costs no one on earth any money. Therefore, opting for a solar panel installation enables you to take advantage of a reliable alternative that will dramatically impact your energy bills.

There are two primary types of solar installations: on-grid and off-grid. The latter option allows you to completely disconnect from the existing power grid, thus relying solely on your solar panel system. In this case, the set-up includes solar batteries that store any excess electricity the solar panels generate during the day. On the other hand, the on-grid solar power system uses a two-pronged approach where you use solar energy during the day and grid-supplied electricity at night.

So, if your goal is to eliminate electricity bills, an off-grid solar panel installation is the best choice.

On the other hand, while using solar can make your utility bills disappear, you will only enjoy these benefits after making a significant monetary investment at the beginning. But, if you are afraid that these installation costs make solar energy unattainable, there is some good news. Most solar retailers have ample information and can direct you to any available government loan and rebate schemes geared toward making solar panel installations cheaper.

Solar LED Skylights

There are other alternatives if you aren’t yet prepared to switch completely to solar panel installations. One example is solar LED skylights that allow you to take advantage of solar energy without committing to a whole solar system installation.

Solar LED skylights are a more intricate and beneficial iteration of the traditional skylight. The primary difference between them is the duration of use. Conventional skylights provide ample natural light during daylight hours, but night-time darkness renders them unusable. Conversely, solar skylights are a self-contained system consisting of a solar panel, diffuser kit, storage battery and LED lights. By installing the lights in your ceiling, the skylight provides illumination throughout the day.

When in use, solar skylights offer a straightforward solution to cutting down your utility costs without paying out a lot of money for solar installation.

Solar Hot Water

Hot water is such a fundamental part of modern living that having a reliable supply in the home is non-negotiable. However, heating water takes significant amounts of energy. Thus having hot water in the house is one of the biggest causes of higher electricity consumption and costs.

In this instance, using solar energy to heat your water is significantly beneficial as it allows you to do so free of charge.

Solar hot water systems operate using solar-energy-heated tanks that supply the household’s hot water. Depending on your preferences, you can install your solar water heaters on the ground or the roof. The complete set-up entails placing the solar hot water tanks next to a solar panel. The solar panel harnesses and provides the energy required to heat the water.

By using solar hot water, you bypass the need for costly gas and electricity while maintaining a constant supply of well-heated water.

Solar Roof Ventilation

Ventilation is an oft-overlooked energy-saving solution. Adequately ventilating your home helps keep your costs low both in summer and winter. Without ventilation, heat can get trapped in the roof cavity. This heat then interacts with moisture in the cavity to create the ideal conditions for mould formation and other moisture-related issues. In addition, excessive heat can penetrate the rest of the home, thus forcing your air conditioner to work harder. This change then leads to higher energy consumption.

You can install a solar roof ventilator to ensure your home is well-ventilated. Some models use a small solar panel to power a quiet, brushless DC electric fan and motor. The fan is also connected to a thermostat that keeps track of the temperature in the cavity. Once it gets to about 300°C, the fan gets activated. This sequence of operations helps keep your home cool during summer while eliminating the need to run the air conditioner throughout.

The solar ventilation unit remains inoperative on cold days and in wintertime due to low temperatures. As a result, your roof cavity stays warm. All the warm air in your house stays in place, thus eliminating the need to turn on a heater.

This variety of solar products is beneficial in providing valuable alternatives to gas and electricity when trying to save money by lowering your utility costs. So, contact your local CEC-certified solar installer to discuss the options available and find the one that best meets your energy needs.