Safe Driving to Avoid Car Accidents

Statistics show that about six million car accidents are experienced in the world each year. Three million people are injured in the accidents while two million among them get permanent injuries. Imagine how devastating this is to the families of the victims, their workplaces, and the country at large. Statistics also show that most accidents are caused by human error and can be avoided if we were more vigilant on the roads. Avoiding getting involved in a car accident may not be guaranteed but there is a lot one can do to avoid causing a car accident or the car they are in experiencing a car accident.  An unfortunate who has had a crash can contact Car Accident Lawyers Perth for help.  This article explains ways you can help avert a car accident, read on.

v  Following the speed limit indicated- speed limit signs are placed at strategic parts on the roadside for everyone to follow for their safety and that of other road users. Road construction experts place the signs there intentionally since they know the nature of the road and the speed at which a driver should operate. Obeying speed limits is a guarantee that you will be in control of your car in case an unexpected thing happens which will require you to apply emergency brakes. Most accidents occur when a driver is not able to control their car due to over speeding.

v  Inspecting your car visually before hitting the road- a driver is expected to keenly look all around their car before driving it. For this reason, basic knowledge of how a car operates is important for everyday check-ups which are sufficiently offered in driving schools. Be sure to check the following:

o   Gas and oil levels

o   Ensure the engine sounds well and is running smoothly

o   Take a look at the tires to ensure that they are well-inflated. The tire may not be flat but low which may damage it if you drive the car that way.

o   Read the gauges of your car once you start it and ensure that the garage door is open or the car is in an open place.

v  Keeping a safe distance- every country has a given safe distance for each vehicle to ensure that they do not come too close to the vehicle ahead of them. This enables you to rear-end the car in front of you so that you have enough time to respond in case the driver applies emergency brakes. This helps you avoid hitting the car and also saves the lives and cars of the drivers behind you.

v  Avoid using the phone or texting while driving-  a driver is advised to be alert always while on the road. Their only concern should be on the road. in the event, they have to make a call, connect the phone to your car Bluetooth so that you can respond without touching the phone. Sometimes you may need to use google maps for directions; turn on your audio for navigation. This ensures that your eyes are always on the road giving you the ability to respond promptly in case of a mishap on the road involving you or the cars near yours.

v  Do not drive while drunk- it is an offense to drink and drive in all countries in the world; similarly, it is illegal to drive under the influence of any other drug for as long as it impairs your judgment on the road. When a doctor prescribes some medicine, they indicate that you should not drive or operate heavy machinery since some tamper with your judgment and may cause accidents.

v  Use car seats fit for your child’s age and size- car seats are customized for children of different sizes and ages. In most countries, it is illegal to drive when someone is holding a baby in their arms. A child should be in a car seat appropriate for their age so that they do not slip off in case of a collision.

v  Always wear a seat belt- ensure that you and everyone else in the car are buckled up before hitting the road. If that’s not the case, you will be notified on the dashboard, please stop driving and do it then proceed.  

v  Always check the weather patterns for the day- weather patterns will affect your driving experience in one way or another which affects your road safety. For instance, it will be a challenge to drive when is snowy or stormy, checking your weather patterns prepares you for that and lets you decide if you should wait or proceed with caution.

v  Avoid/limit driving at night- driving at night is at times dangerous and sensitive since there is darkness all over and one can see as far as the headlights can reach. The inability to even see clearly what is behind you doubles your chances of being involved in an accident.

v  Position your seat and hands properly- driving in a comfortable position is one of the things that should never be taken for granted. This ensures that you are flexible and will not strain when taking a turn to view the rear mirrors. In addition, ensure that you are in a good position so that your hands are comfortably rested on the steering wheel which ensures that you are in complete control of your car always.

Final words

Road safety is the most important and only thing a driver should pay attention to. Every road user looks forward to getting home safe after a hard day’s work and the driver should be careful on the road to make this happen. In case one gets into a road accident; one should call emergency lines for help if a position is to do so. If they are injured such that they cannot, other road users should come in and assist them to get medical attention as soon as possible. It’s every person’s responsibility to keep safe on the road and be our brother’s keeper by reporting misconduct on the road.