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Ruby is a highly traditional and well-known natural gemstone having a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale, making it one of the sturdiest natural gem after Diamond and Moissanite. This stone belongs to the Corundum family of mineral species. It is also called the Manik ratna or Ratnaraj (i.e. the King of Gems) in Hindi. Ruby came from a Latin word namely ruber which depicts the red color. Its color varies from pinkish red to blood red due to the presence of the metal chromium. The chemical composition of Ruby is Aluminum Oxide and its crystal system is trigonal. This gemstone is really popular all around the world because of the red hue present due to chromium. Rubies have various origin places such as Burma, Mozambique and many other African countries. Burma ruby is the most expensive assortment of ruby gemstones. Ruby among all colored gems has the highest per carat price and the most priced Ruby ever sold all over the world at auction is the Sunrise ruby.

Ruby Stone: Quality Factors

The value of the Ruby Gemstone can be measured from the 4C’s of gemstones namely, clarity, cut, carat weight and color. The most valuable Ruby of all has a blood red color. While talking about clarity, Rubies often consist of inclusions due to which its quality is dependent on the number of inclusions, size of inclusions and their visibility. Rubies having the most clarity are known as eye clean as the inclusions on these Rubies are almost invisible to the naked eyes. Apart from clarity and color, cut is another essential factor to be considered to check the quality of a Ruby as the color of the Ruby mainly depends on its cut. At last the carat weight of a Ruby should come between 3 to 6 ct for it to be considered of good quality.

Ruby Gemstone: Heat Treatments

In order to enhance the quality of Ruby Gemstone, there are various treatments available such as lead glass filling treatment and heat treatment. Generally rubies are heat treated so as to improve their color and their treatment occurs at approx. 1800 celsius. This leads to breaking the silk and enhancing the color. Another method for treatment is lead glass filling where the empty spaces are poured with lead glass that enhances the clarity of the Ruby, giving it a glamorous look. Treatments done on a Ruby can be seen by considering the bubbles present inside the gemstone with the help of a 10x loupe.

Metaphysical and Mental Benefits 

The Natural Ruby Stone is the perfect gemstone for people born in July as it has various benefits in terms of astrology and health. This stone is generally associated with the sun in the astrological context due to its enormous energy levels. Ruby or Manik in Hindi offers a lot of positive changes in the personality of the wearer such as boosting their confidence in themselves, enhancing their leadership qualities and elevating their mood by tackling depression. Apart from the benefits to the wearer’s mental health, Ruby also helps in improving vision and preventing blood-related diseases. The stone also offers clarity of mind, awareness and alertness to the wearer. This gem also assists introverted people to come out from their zone and open up to the world by increasing their confidence in themselves. The astrological benefits of Ruby are only associated with natural or untreated Rubies. Rubies also come in handy as lucrative gifts that can be given to special people as apart from their healing properties, they also look like luxury items that would suit best as gifts for your loved ones.

Buying the Best Quality Ruby Stone

We at Navratan offer Natural and Certified Ruby stone at fair prices. All the gemstones provided at Navratan are tested by the most trustworthy certification labs in the world such as Gubelin, GRS, IGI and many more. These gemstone certifications let the customers understand the worth of the gemstones that they are going to buy as these certifications contain all kinds of important information related to gemstones such as their clarity, carat weight, cut, shape, color and many more. These details come in handy for the buyers so as to choose the best option available and also to not be conned by sellers trying to sell fake gemstones as nowadays people try to sell fake gemstones as real ones by fooling customers.