ROM Technologies Providing Recovery Treatment That Can Be Done From Home

ROM Technologies (aka ROMTech) is an advanced orthopedic rehabilitation care company handled in the U.S. and elsewhere. The suite of revolutionary and groundbreaking technologies the company has introduced to the arthroscopic rehab situation.  

Their products, designed to cater to various orthopedic indications, have prompted many orthopedic surgeons, clinicians, and rehab care providers across the country to take note of ROMTech and include ROM Technology solutions.

Pilot studies have found that patients recovering from knee or hip injury or replacement recover and regain their pre-operative range of motion in less than half the time using ROMTech solutions compared to when they undergo standard therapy methods. The patented telehealth technology of the ROMTech PortableConnect means that patients can complete their entire rehab protocol from the comfort of their homes. At the same time, gaining several benefits such as reduced pain, speedy recovery, and a faster return to a good quality of life. 

ROMTech PortableConnect: What It Is and How It Helps

ROMTech PortableConnect is a telemed technology-empowered rehab device that enables patients recovering from arthroscopic repairs to complete their entire rehab routine from the privacy and safety of their homes. 

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The device is equipped with a touchscreen interface display screen that, among other things, shows the rehab exercises to be performed, records real-time stats regarding the patient’s ongoing progress, and displays any adjustments to the rehab protocol advised by the patient’s rehab care team.

PortableConnect Key Features

  • Telemedicine Technology & the PortableConnect App: The patented telemed technology used for the device includes the PortableConnect App that allows the doctors to access the patient portal and monitor the patient progress (through checking the real-time stats collected by the device) and advise any necessary adjustments to the patient’s current rehab routine. The app also enables face-to-face patient-doctor communication for medical check-ins, follow-ups, and other rehab-related advice.
  • Adaptive Pedal Technology & Dynamic Therapy Protocols: The Adaptive Pedal Technology of the PortableConnect can automatically adjust itself according to the recovering patient’s progress and his present range of motion, thereby customizing every rehab session using the four different modes that are part of the device’s Dynamic Therapy Protocol feature: Active, Active-Assisted, Passive and Resistance.
  • AccuAngle: This is the Knee Angle Tracking Wearable, another patented telemed technology used as part of PortableConnect. Placed on the side of the leg, the AccuAngle makes use of Bluetooth technology to measure, collect and report extension and flexion data during each therapy session. 

Effectively, what the device does is that it enters the rehab protocol prepared by the patient’s physiotherapist into the machine (alternatively, one can also use the device’s built-in therapy protocols as discussed above, but only after checking it with one’s therapist). Each rehab session data is sent directly to the clinician/therapist through the PortableConnect app features. 

And having assessed the data on his hand, the clinician can then advise necessary adjustments to the rehab routine if and when they see fit. This means that the care team, if they find it necessary, can make day-to-day adjustments to a patient’s rehab routine with the help of PortableConnect. 

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Also, any changes made to the routine are programmed directly into the device, and the patient will find them the next time he uses PortableConnect for performing a therapy session. Finally, with measurements of 20 inches wide, 40 inches long, and 38-42 inches in height, the device is eminently portable (hence the name), and a patient can use it in any part of his room/home. 

PortableConnect and Why It Is Deemed Revolutionary

To begin with, it should be clear that the PortableConnect enables patients to complete their entire rehabilitation routine right from home. 

Although the patient is recommended to pay occasional visits to the center and have an in-person examination with their care team, it is already a big step from traditional therapy care routines. Typically, a patient must visit the therapy center three times a week post-surgery.

The ROM Technologies device makes the whole post-op rehab program much more convenient for both the patient and his care team. From the patient’s perspective, not having to visit a therapy center regularly also comes as a huge relief since it is anything but easy for aging individuals to go out of their homes frequently, especially after they have undergone major surgery and are yet to recover their full range of motion. 

In addition, using the PortableConnect device also helps reduce the total therapy costs thanks to the reduced number of visits to and consultations with their operating surgeon and the care team. 

In this connection, we must also mention that home-based therapies (where the physical therapist comes to the patient’s house) have largely become a thing of the past. This makes a device like PortableConnect much more valuable to patients receiving postoperative orthopedic care. 

CPM Devices vs. PortableConnect

According to a third-generation orthopedic surgeon based in Scottsdale, Arizona, arthroscopy care teams across the nation have already given up the CPM or Continuous Passive Motion devices—the standardized home care equipment once designed for post-op orthopedic home care. 

The surgeon involved with ROMTech’s IRB (Institutional Review Board) study mentions that they had difficulties comparing PortableConnect with CPM machines since very few people were using those devices. The care providers rarely advise CPM devices to their patients these days since it was already found that they were nowhere as effective as the traditional and standardized therapy care (that requires patients to visit the care center at least thrice a week).

However, the surgeon revealed that as far as home care equipment goes, there is nothing available between CPM devices and the now available telemed-empowered PortableConnect, meaning the latter has no competition in its vertical. And at current, the standard post-op therapy care is the alternative to it. 

What The Statistics Are Saying

  • 50% of patients achieve their full range of motion within two weeks using PortableConnect as opposed to only 12% of those that undergo traditional rehab care.
  • 80% PortableConnect users report experiencing significantly less pain during their whole recovery period than patients within a standard rehab program. This results in less use of drugs (especially opioid drugs that carry a high risk of addiction).
  • 50% of patients using ROMTech PortableConnect achieved an average preoperative range of motion of 112° within two weeks of the surgery compared to only 13% receiving standard care achieving similar results.