Rhinoplasty Recovery: The Do’s and Dont’s of a Smooth Recovery

Are you considering rhinoplasty?

This procedure has increased by almost 25% in the last decade. Many people are unhappy with the way their nose looks, so they turn to this medical procedure. After your rhinoplasty procedure, you may be worried about recovery.

To have a smooth passing, be sure to follow these rhinoplasty recovery tips.

Understanding Healing Process

Good recovery from rhinoplasty by at New Face requires understanding the healing process. Recovery includes reducing bruising, avoiding infection, and managing swell.

Immediately after nose surgery, it is important to keep your head elevated, avoid strenuous activities and refrain from blowing your nose. Apply a cold compress over your eyes and nose several times daily for the next few days to reduce swelling and bruising.

Plan a Smooth Recovery

Planning a smooth rhinoplasty surgery recovery is essential to achieving desired results. The most important dogs are to follow your surgeon’s instructions and get plenty of rest and sleep. Proper nutrition and low-affected activities will aid in healing.

Avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting or straining, and excessive sun exposure to allow the incisions to heal.

Do’s of Recovery

When it occurs to recover from rhinoplasty, there are some key dos to follow to ensure a successful outcome and a smooth recovery. It is important to rest and put your physical activity on hold throughout the recovery process. You should also avoid bending, lifting, or straining since this could disrupt the healing process.

It would help if you kept your nose moist; hydration is important for healing, and saline sprays or gentle soaking (warm water) can be used.

Don’ts of Recovery

One of the most important don’ts of rhinoplasty recovery is to not over-exert oneself or expose oneself to any physical trauma. Patients must avoid any contact sports, strenuous activity, bending, lifting, and straining for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Individuals should avoid getting hit in the nose, in direct sunlight, and in hot tubs.

Regaining Confidence

Regaining confidence after a  plastic surgery procedure can be difficult, especially if the desired result is not achieved. While timing can vary, and it is important to follow doctor instructions, some dos and don’ts can help a smooth recovery and support regaining confidence.

Do purchase a special pillow to sleep with your head elevated and keep your face out of the water while showering. Follow instructions on cleaning the surgical area, keeping it dry, and avoiding any contact with the area.

Knowing How Rhinoplasty Recovery Works

Rhinoplasty recovery is a critical process for achieving the desired outcome. Taking things slowly is the key to a smooth recovery. Doing this will not only put you on the road to success and satisfaction but provide you with peace of mind. Rely on your surgeon for advice and contact them if you experience any unexpected issues or concerns during your recovery.

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