Review of Latest Windows 11 Release from Microsoft

Earlier this week, Microsoft launched its newest operating system to the public for download – Windows 11. We’ve taken some time to have a look at its latest features and updates so as to give you a quick round up of what’s new and what to look out for. If you’ve been wondering what it’s all about – we’ll give you a rundown that will give you all the information you need.

Some of the more basic updates include a brand new, fresher look and feel as well as a redesigned them which is very pleasing on the eye. There are new looks to some of the older applications, as well as a much more improved touch interface which users seem to love. We’ve seen a number of IT Support Companies introducing Windows 11 to their customers since its release and all of them have been very pleased with the results so far.

The overall look and feel of Windows 11 is super crisp, clean, and appealing – it is modern and refined with many of the older looks receiving a fresh update including the boring File Explorer application as well as the context menus that are used. Snapping different windows to different parts of your screen is now more intuitive and easy to use, making working remotely a breeze.

There has been an increase in the number of users who have started using Windows 11 and those that make use of IT Support Central London Solutions for their businesses. Workers are loving the new look and design, they find it easier to navigate through and their user experience is much better. Something we’ve particularly enjoyed trying out are the six brand new, and equally appealing, themes that are available to use.

When looking at how a Microsoft 365 Consultant might use Windows 11, it’s apparent that the improvements to the system make it much easier to use when it comes the 365 tools. Multi-tasking is much more improved – and seems to have taken a page out of the Mac design book – multiple virtual desktops and split screen capabilities are making collaborating and multi-tasking easier than ever before.

Interested in seeing if Wndows 11 is available for download on your current device? It’s easy – simply go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click “Check for Updates.” Once you can see if its available or not, just follow the prompts. It’s as easy as that!