Review of Asana Software vs Monday Software 2022

Asana aims to “reduce work about work,” and it has successfully made teams 1.45x more successful, according to their most recent survey. While Asana was invented in 2008, it was officially launched in 2012 and has been used by multiple industries to overcome technical details regarding project management. Monday is used by over 100,000 organizations and has cultivated strategies to resolve conflicts about project management. 

Asana Software Features 

This is the list of features through which Asana promotes work management.  

Project Management  

Asana software has a full range of features required to manage projects across the board. You can either view your projects as lists or boards. If an assignment has various aspects, you can break them down into smaller parts that each team member can look after. 

You can additionally create subtasks for tasks, and your team will be able to see the list of steps that need to be followed. Sharing files and accessing important documents is made easier with the opportunity to import attachments from Box, Google Drive, or DropBox.  

Admin Controls 

Asana enables multiple features to enhance admin control, such as guest access, letting you collaborate with vendors or contractors while protecting sensitive information. You can turn on the comment-only option for files which lets your team view them and leave comments without making any edits. 

You can further ensure that suitable information is shared across the board, whereas things that you want to keep private remain so. You can export data or delete it any time you want to, whereas enterprises can ensure 99.9% of SLA uptime.  


Asana software provides a broad range of tools that you require to communicate with your team. Like, you are able to leave comments on tasks to further specify the requirements or details for the assignee. You are able to add team members as followers, so they remain updated about the progress of certain tasks.  

Besides, you can send private messages to other users for one-on-one communication.  

Monday Software Features 

There is a diverse range of tools available on Monday as well: 

Managing Digital Assets 

It is essential to ensure that you are able to streamline your documents and optimize them for further development. One way to do so with Monday project management is through live annotations. You can comment on all types of files in real-time and communicate any requirements or feedback directly.  

You can organize your data by creating a centralized storage system and importing files from your PC, Google Drive, Box, and more.  

Inventory Tracking  

Monday integrates QR codes to scan the inventory to track and update statuses. Spreadsheets with inventory information can be converted into boards and provide information to you and your team require. You can further track the inventory log or visualize your inventory with other users.  

Asana Costs 

Asana pricing costs are divided into three plans called Basic, Premium, and Business. The Basic plan is provided free of cost, and it can be useful for startups or individuals whose work does not require detailed planning. The basic plan can create unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, and unlimited activity log. It equips users with unlimited storage space, but the file size cannot exceed 100MB. Some of the other valuable features of this plan are a calendar view, project overview, team collaboration with up to 15 users, and the option to cultivate integrations from more than 100 applications.  

The premium plan is billed for $13, and it has several features like a timeline view, unlimited dashboards, milestones, task templates, forms, rules, and custom fields. Premium now features one of the latest systems for organizing work called Workflow Builder, where you can collaborate and plan with your team members.  

The last plan is the business plan, which costs $39, and you can use features like portfolios, goals, custom rules builder, forms branching, and proofing. It is also able to support advanced integrations like Power BI, Salesforce, and Adobe Creative Cloud.  

Asana is also able to meet the requirements of organizations that demand centralized control and visibility. If you seek advanced admin features, you can request an enterprise-scale plan that is generated based on your requirements and the number of users who will be using it.  

Monday Costs 

There are four pricing plans provided by Monday software in addition to the enterprise plan. The free plan can support individuals who can access unlimited boards, unlimited docs, and almost 200 templates. The users can also create their boards with the help of 20 card types and enter custom details related to their project. Monday and asana both are the top project management software.

On the other hand, the basic plan is supplied with all the tools included in the free plan and has several of its own. For example, you can add unlimited items to further eliminate any confusion and access details quickly. You will be given 5GB of storage space and prioritized customer support, which adds to the quality of your management. The basic plan charges $24 per month.  

Another plan that is offered by Monday software is the standard plan which costs $30 on a monthly basis. It has features like Gantt and Timeline view that give you a visual overview of details. Users are also able to provide guest access to people and limit their access, so sensitive information is protected. In fact, you can even create one dashboard that displays five boards and lets you see the information about all of your projects.  

The pro plan costs $48 per month, and you can design private documents and boards with it. In addition to the timeline view, you can automate up to 25,000 processes and access 25,000 app integrations too. The pro payment plan lets you add ten boards through your dashboards.  

Naturally, the enterprise plan can be used to level up your software for enterprise-grade security, advanced reporting, multi-level permissions, and enterprise-level integrations. Conclusively, Monday is able to support the needs of heavy-scale enterprises.