Restylane filler procedure

Restylane is a preparation based on hyaluronic acid, which our body needs to keep the moisture level of the surface. It is produced in the form on its own, but its deficiency is felt with age. This leads to the loss of the right amount of moisture, which leads to lines plus other imperfections. Restylane compensates for its deficiency in the tissues of the dermis. Restylane was invented back in 1996 by Q-Med. Since then, there have been millions of injections of this drug.

Restylane is safe and very efficient filler (bio gel for contouring). It has proven itself to be the best amongst other injectable fillers. It is recommended by the FDA.

Designed specifically for the needs of cosmetology, the drug is characterized by complete safety for the human body, so you can buy restylane safety. It contains hyaluronic acid of a non-animal (albeit natural) source, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions.

Operating principle

Once in the skin, the components of the gel quickly begin to interact with the organic networks of the figure. Hyaluronic acid contributes to the accumulation of moisture in the skin tissues and its safety. Thanks to this, the skin acquires the required volume and smoothes. Because of this, she looks healthy and young. It has a long-lasting effect.

This method is additionally used to change the shape of the lips, face oval, nose, and other areas.

How are injections made?

The procedure does not require a lot of time, and the recovery period is minimal. The results are visible immediately after the method. Despite general safety, Restylane must be administered by a professional physician. To achieve the best effect, it is necessary to correctly identify the injection sites. After marking the face and choosing the required dosage, the specialist proceeds to administer the drug. Due to the number of treated spaces, the procedure may need from some seconds to half an hour.

In contour plastics with the use of Restylane, the basic principle is preserved – the introduction of a suitable substance exclusively into the problem space. The drug is injected with a syringe with a really thin needle. These shots are usually painless and no anesthesia is required. At the request of the client, anesthesia is possible, for which Restylane Lidocaine is applied. Freezing wipes or drops creams also work well.

Before starting the procedure, our specialists examine the problem areas of the face and manage the shot sites and dose.

The procedure can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the volume of the added gel. The result is visible almost immediately, but biogel reaches the full effect in a week. The result is saved from six months to a year – it depends on the individual characteristics of each person. After this period, you can undergo a second procedure.

Benefits of using drugs

The main advantages:

  • Effective smoothing of wrinkles of any depth;
  • Effective adjustment of the selected area;
  • Long-term action of the drug;
  • Lack of allergic reactions;
  • Good compatibility of the drug with body tissues;
  • Rejuvenation effect.

The effect of the method is noticeable almost immediately after administration, and the final result can be assessed in about a week. For the first few days, it is recommended to avoid sunshine, mechanical stress, and the application of cosmetics at the shot sites, as well as intense physical exertion. The duration of action of the drug is 6-12 months (depending on the individual characteristics of the organism).