Renovations for Resale

When you are tired of an outdated room or the whole of your home, you might explore the option of home remodelling Perth. It’s worth your while researching contractors to see the costs of a renovation project. But as well as making those changes for yourself, you can also choose to remodel to add to your home’s value. If you are intending to move in the next few years, you should listen to the advice your contractor has for where you should spend the majority of your money. When planned correctly, you can recoup twice the cost of the remodelling, sometimes more.

Where to start

The tricky part sometimes is where to start and how to get things moving. When it comes to home renovations Perth, for resale purposes the two most favoured rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. How large the project becomes is up to you. You can keep the bathrooms and or kitchen the same size and shape while renovating what you have, or go down the path of a fullremodelling. When it comes to remodelling just for selling, it makes sense to opt for a smaller scale effort, you do not want to overspend and not generate a profit on the sale.

Approaching a kitchen remodelling

When it comes to home remodelling Perth kitchens, there are a few places to focus on. The basics might be a coat of paint, new countertops and maybe a new splashback. You might want to take it a bit further with new laminate or hardwood flooring, new lighting, new cabinets, new appliances and a new sink. Other touches that work well in the kitchen and are popular right now are a breakfast table with stools, pendant lighting over the sink and the all important kitchen island. Walk-in pantries and sculleries are also a fun and modern convenience. Flick-mixer tap ware, french door fridges, ice and water dispensers are also handy additions and are considered luxuries.

Approaching a bathroom remodelling

If you want to update your bathroom, you’ll need to choose flooring, whether you are updating the bathroom suite and fixtures such as the bath, shower, sink and toilet. New cabinets, vanities countertops and tiling should always be considered. Again there are some great showers and tubs to choose from. You can opt for jets, pulsating showerheads, and even spa bathtubs for two people or more. What you choose depends on your budget, preference and how soon in future your sale is going to be.


Home renovations Perthand remodelling projects are a great way to change your home, modernise it, and turn the space into something more suited to your needs. How you use a home changes as your circumstances change. When renovating for selling purposes, try not to overspend!