Renovating Your Bathroom? Here’s Why You Should Consult A Plumber

Faulty faucets? Tired toilet? It’s time for a new bathroom.

While you can go out and pick up a new bathroom set from any good hardware store and it’s perfectly possible to do a good job installing it yourself, here’s why you should really consult with a professional plumber before you breakout the pipe cutters.

The Importance Of Professional Plumbing Consultation

While there are certainly plumbing tasks that can be done perfectly well with some basic DIY skills, when it comes to the big jobs it’s always a good idea to talk to a professional before getting started.

Professional plumbers can help by:

Bringing expertise and experience

A trained plumber brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any renovation that the average DIYer just doesn’t. From water pressure issues to which fixtures and fittings are most suitable, the level of know-how that a seasoned pro can bring to a job just can’t be beaten.

Identifying Potential Problems

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no renovation ever goes entirely to plan. Problems will arise that require solving and a plumber is the person to do that. Rather than slowing things down while you investigate, leaving you without a bathroom, a professional will likely have a solution up their sleeve already.

Furthermore, improvised solutions can lead to more costly problems down the line. Someone who can identify these before they get to the stage of being an issue can be absolutely invaluable.

Ensure You’re Up To Code

Building regulations and codes are there for very good reasons. Not only do they mean that the work carried out will be of a certain standard, following the rules will avoid problems down the line.

Should the worst happen and you have to call on your home insurance policy, they’ll want to know that everything was up to standard before they pay out. Getting the pros involved means you’ve got evidence that everything was above board.

Planning and Design

So, you’ve got your perfect bathroom pictured in your mind but are there any ways it could be improved? Subtle little touches that could take it from great to sublime? A professional plumber will be able to point them out.

It’s worth asking them about:

Efficient Layouts

Bathrooms were once referred to as “the littlest room” in polite society, so it’s doubly important that you make good use of the space. 

Not only do you want to make the best possible usage of the available room, a professional plumber will be able to advise you on any efficiency gains which can be found by moving things around.

Fixture Selection

What is a bath without its faucets? And who knows more about faucets than a plumber?

Talking through your options with a professional can bring all kinds of new options to the table. From highly efficient water conserving showers that won’t skimp on the pressure to luxury touches like bubble jets in the bath, it’s like that your plumber has some insights to share.


As someone who deals in bathrooms all day every day, your plumber will know a thing or two about which modern upgrades are worth installing and will always have one eye on the latest trends.

A bathroom that brings a touch of luxury can really add value to your home and one with futuristic features can keep that feeling long-term.

Cost Savings and Budgeting

While you may think that doing it all yourself will save money, often it works out cheaper to just get the pros in from the outset- they can often save you more than they cost you in the long run by:

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Doing it yourself might work out fine, but it certainly increases the risk of mistakes happening. 

Ordering the wrong pipes and having to get another set delivered or worse, missing a small leak that ends up costing a fortune in remedial work down the line or any number of other potential pitfalls – these are all much less likely to happen with an expert eye on the case.

Budget Management

When you bring in the pros, the first thing they’re likely to ask is “what’s the budget?”. They’re not being mercenary here- they’re working out all the factors which might affect their ability to do the job well.

Leaving it all up to your installer will mean that you know how much your spending before you get started- no nasty surprises and certainly no “oh, that’s cute!” impulse buys from the showroom.

Implementation and Quality Assurance

There is certainly something to be said for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your toilet has been properly installed by someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Professional Installation

Having things done properly by a pro means that longevity and reliability shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to your bathroom renovation


As we said earlier, no renovation ever runs entirely to plan. Knowing that there’s a trained troubleshooter working on any problem that pops up, rather than someone effecting a quick fix, can bring tremendous peace of mind.

Warranties and Guarantees

If the worst does happen and something breaks or goes wrong, having a licensed professional handle the installation will make dealing with insurance companies and manufacturers much easier than if you’d undertaken the work yourself.

The Final Touches

As someone who spends most of their working day in bathrooms, your plumber will have developed an eye for detail that can bring those final flourishes to any renovation. Anyone who’s ever tried to keep silicone sealant both watertight and neat looking will attest to how tricky it can be.

Of course, you should always inspect the work yourself before the job is signed off- this is your chance to ask any questions or ask for any changes and insure that everything is in order while your plumber is still on site.