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Outdoor furniture isn’t just a purchase; it’s a lifestyle decision. The suitable balcony chairs can transform your moments of contemplation under the vast sky or friendly chats into a luxurious experience. Boulevard® is committed to this vision. Our goal is to infuse our creations with unparalleled comfort and superior quality, turning your outdoor area into an exquisite oasis of relaxation.

At Boulevard®, we are known for our devotion to crafting sturdy, fashionable, and supremely cozy outdoor furniture. We believe that your balcony, irrespective of its size, is your entryway to the outdoors, a place where comfort is the key.

Boulevard’s Unique Craftsmanship In The Outdoor Furniture Industry

In a sector where mass-produced pieces are the norm, Boulevard® distinguishes itself with a steadfast dedication to craftsmanship. Each furniture item is a reflection of this commitment.

Firstly, Boulevard uses top-notch, resilient materials in all components of its outdoor collections. The synthetic rattan wicker weave, powder-coated aluminum frames, and high-density cushion fillings testify to their belief in crafting stylish and long-lasting products.

Secondly, the meticulous attention to detail by Boulevard sets it apart. Each weave, stitch, and joint is thoughtfully planned and flawlessly executed, resulting in furniture pieces that are beautiful, structurally robust, and comfortable.

Thirdly, the innovative designs of Boulevard are another aspect of its unique craftsmanship. They seamlessly merge style with comfort, creating outdoor furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Lastly, Boulevard® acknowledges that outdoor furniture must withstand harsh weather conditions. Hence, they design their pieces to withstand such circumstances, leading to their products’ longevity.

These elements combine to make Boulevard®’s craftsmanship exceptional in outdoor furniture. This meticulousness and commitment to quality set their Vaan Balcony Set, Seyphelles Balcony Set, and Gisborne Patio Conversation Set apart as top choices for those seeking comfort and style for their outdoor spaces.

Crafting Your Ultimate Balcony Experience: Top 3 Balcony Chairs

Let’s dive into the sea of outdoor relaxation with these amazing balcony chairs that promise ultimate comfort. Hold tight to your cup of coffee (or cocktail) because we’ll transport you to balcony paradise!

The Vaan Balcony Chair: A Blend of Comfort and Elegance

balcony chairs

Picture this: you’re sitting in a luxurious chair made of synthetic rattan wicker weave that feels like a natural extension of the great outdoors. That’s the Vaan Balcony Chair for you. Its high-quality Polyethylene (PE) Rattan Resin Wicker Weave gives it an earthy vibe, while the powder-coated aluminum frame promises to keep your throne rust-free for years.

The real game-changer? The Polyurethane Foam with Biocide Treatment Cushion Filling makes the Vaan Balcony Chair ridiculously comfortable. This chair is topped with resilient, weather-resistant polyester upholstery and oozes style without compromising on practicality. Easy to clean and maintain, the Vaan Balcony Chair is a must-have for your outdoor kingdom.

Seyphelles Swivel Lounge Chair: Modern Luxury Meets Outdoor Relaxation

balcony chairs

Next on our list is the Seyphelles Swivel Lounge Chair, a symbol of outdoor luxury. Thanks to the premium WinTech® High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Resin Polypeel Wicker, this chair sports a contemporary look. At the same time, the marine-grade aluminum frame with pre-treatment and AkzoNobel Powder Coating ensures its durability.

The high-resilience polyurethane foam cushion filling means this chair isn’t just about looking good—it’s about feeling good too. With a Seyphelles Swivel Lounge Chair on your balcony, you’ll embrace comfort in a style that lasts for years.

Gisborne Outdoor Dining Armchair: A Confluence of Style, Comfort, and Luxury

balcony chairs

Lastly, let me introduce you to the Gisborne Outdoor Dining Armchair. This chair is a trailblazer in outdoor luxury, thanks to its unique SPRADLING® Outdoor Vinyl Leatherette Upholstery that screams elegance.

A sturdy, powder-coated aluminum frame serves as the backbone, while the high-density foam cushion filled with a fiber topper ensures you’re seated in the lap of comfort. This chair gracefully adapts to your body’s contours, allowing for relaxed settings that can extend into hours.

So, there you have it. Three epic balcony chairs that promise not only a style upgrade but also an increase in your comfort factor. Remember, the quality of your balcony chair matters—it’s where memories are made, books are read, and sunsets are watched. Make it count!

Balcony Decor Tips to Complement Your Comfortable Chair

Choosing the perfect chair is just the beginning of your journey to creating an inviting and relaxing balcony. Complementing your new chair with the right decor will take your outdoor space to successive classes. Let’s dive into a few quick decor tips that will enhance the charm of your new comfy balcony chair.

  1. Accent Pillows: Regardless of which chair you choose, adding accent pillows can increase comfort and bring in pops of color or patterns. Choose outdoor-friendly fabrics to withstand weather conditions.
  2. Plants: Adding a touch of green can liven up your balcony. Depending on your balcony’s size and exposure to sunlight, you can choose from various potted plants or hanging plants. They can be a great visual complement to your comfortable chair.
  3. Outdoor Rugs: Rugs aren’t just for indoors. An outdoor rug can tie your balcony decor together and provide a soft surface underfoot. Pick a mat that complements the color and style of your chair.
  4. Lighting: Balcony lighting can enhance your outdoor experience. Fairy lights, lanterns, or solar-powered lights can add a warm, welcoming glow that complements the comfort of your chair.
  5. Side Tables: A side table is an absolute must. It provides a spot to place your drink, book, or anything else you need to enjoy your time spent in your cozy balcony chair.

Remember, creating a balcony space is all about crafting an area that reflects your style and comfort. With the right chair and decor, you’ll have a balcony where you’ll love spending time. Enjoy your outdoor oasis!


Choosing the right outdoor furniture can significantly enhance your outdoor experience. The Vaan Balcony Set, Seyphelles Balcony Set, and Gisborne Patio Conversation Set from Boulevard® are top choices for those seeking comfort and style. Each set offers unique features and benefits, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Remember, your balcony is more than just an outdoor space; it’s where memories are created, and you can reconnect with nature. And at Boulevard®, we are committed to making this experience as comfortable and satisfying as possible. Explore our range today and transform your balcony into the ultimate relaxation haven.

Ready to bring comfort and style to your balcony? Don’t wait! Explore the Vaan Balcony, Seyphelles Balcony, and Gisborne Patio Conversation today. Visit Boulevard® now, and make your outdoor space a haven of relaxation and luxury. Convert your balcony into an extension of your living space, where style and comfort coexist. Your perfect balcony retreat awaits at Boulevard®.