Every now and then it’s normal to feel like your life is on pause or somehow stagnating. Not every moment can be an exciting step in a new direction and, especially thanks to the external pressures of the media and toxic productivity culture, this hiatus in activity can feel like failure. It’s important to see that this isn’t the case and that you can kickstart your life whenever you choose, even if you feel like you’ve fallen into a rut. 

One of the most enjoyable and quick ways to do this is to reinvent your style. Here are some tips to get started.

  1. Shop Your Existing Wardrobe

What you already have in your wardrobe can help you find a new style, even if you don’t like many of your existing clothes. Take everything out of its storage and put it somewhere visible. Spend the day trying everything on and putting outfits together. If you find something you no longer want, either because it doesn’t fit, isn’t comfortable or is no longer appealing to you, then get rid of it

Avoid the temptation to keep certain items simply because they hold sentimental value. Of course, hang on to your most special pieces, but if you know you’ll never wear something again then consider giving it the chance to make someone else happy by donating it or selling it. Once you have an idea of what your current wardrobe lacks and what you already have, you can start to curate your style.

  1. Reach Your Physical Goals

By achieving the body you hope to maintain for many years, you will be better able to dress yourself in comfortable and well-suited clothes. Use the reinvention of your style as motivation to get fit and eat healthily. Look for the best weight loss app and set yourself sensible targets. You’ll feel more confident in your skin and in your new style.

  1. Take Inspiration From People You Admire

Create a mood board of clothing items, themes and fashion icons you like best. Once you’ve collected enough ideas, you’ll start to see patterns emerging such as preferred shapes or types of tailoring. Find out if the style you’re most drawn to has a name and find people online who dress that way. What you appreciate others wearing could also be what you like most on yourself.

  1. Avoid Fleeting Trends

While it can be interesting and fun to see what new fashion trends are being born, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need to include trendy pieces in your wardrobe. Fashion is temporary, style is timeless.

  1. Focus on Comfort and Confidence

It doesn’t matter what other people think about what you wear as long as you obey the law. Remember that choosing comfortable clothes that make you feel confident, powerful and attractive aren’t necessarily clothes that anyone else would wear. That’s why finding your own style is so important – it gives you another way to express yourself.