Refrigerated Vans: The Backbone of an Efficient Catering Service

Are you an event planner trying to search for a suitable caterer? Or you are a catering business? Those that interview and assess the available caterers always take time to ensure that a catering company is flexible and has an attractive menu, but some normally forget to ask about their delivery service. When you run a catering company, you must ensure that food is delivered safely and in the right conditions.

This will not only keep the freshness of the food, but it can also help you deliver an excellent catering service to clients. At Owen Brothers Catering we have everything it takes to deliver an amazing catering service to any client whether in the corporate sector, leisure, social or for those in the prestigious category. Apart from having an ever-updated menu, and professional staff, we have a modern fleet of refrigerated vans that allows us to deliver all food items in the right conditions. We also provide refrigerated van hire services to businesses that may need to transport perishables like food, produce, or frozen meals.

Assessing Your Needs

A refrigerator van helps to transport food and other products while kept at a certain temperature. There are many different types and styles of refrigerated vehicles with varying specifications on the market. Also known as temperature-controlled vans, these vehicles are designed with equipment that allows you to transport items like meat, seafood, dairy, desserts, medicines, fruits and vegetables at specified temperatures during delivery.

Depending on the type of products you are transporting, you may have to choose between a chiller and a freezer van. Also, you must consider whether you need to defrost the goods in the van. Certain products must be kept at lower temperatures and if you are transporting different types of goods, there are some vehicle conversions and dual compartments that allow you to set different temperatures in the van.

If you need to defrost the goods, most vans defrost on a timely basis, but there are also systems that can be installed to maintain a consistent temperature. Talk to Owen Brothers Catering about your needs or you are uncertain about the type of vehicle you require.

Opting for Refrigerated Van Hire?

Refrigerator van hire is an excellent option in case you don’t have your own refrigerated van. It is highly affordable and can help you meet customer needs anywhere and at any time. However, while sourcing for a solution, you must ensure that the option can effectively safeguard the quality of the food and that it also meets the food safety regulations. Besides, you should also make sure that the vans meet the ULEZ emissions standards to avoid paying the unwanted fines.

At Owen Brothers Catering our entire fleet is Euro 6 compliant and has a variety of features to meet specific needs. Some vans even have an automatic system that can inform the driver to change the gear and be greener. We can provide you with the best temperature-controlled vehicles with the latest refrigeration equipment. We have vans with varying specifications designed to meet the specific needs of all types of customers.

So, whether you are in the pharmaceuticals, produce or food business, feel free to talk to us about a refrigerator van for hire that can meet your needs. You can call us at 020 8675 2905 or send an email at [email protected].