Recent Changes Introduced to the Tenancy Rules

There have been recent changes in the tenancy rules for the habitants of Dubai. Today, we will discuss the new rules introduced to the land of opportunities where people from different ethnicities and backgrounds coexist. This includes rules for owned and rented houses both.

A detailed circular was released by the state officials of Dubai in the year 2022. Under the law, the Dubai land Department has ordered all owners, property management companies, developers, renters, and others to submit their complete information about their co-occupants. It is applicable for owned and as well as leased buildings in Dubai.

To make things easier for cohabitates, the registration can be done online using the Dubai REST application. The order states that information must be submitted within a 2 weeks span. In addition, there are 8 steps that the tenants should go through to finish the registration procedure. They must put up their personal information along with the Emirates Identity Card.

The new regulations introduced expect the residential units to register as well. Under the law, the residential units with co-occupants should also get registered for a month or even more. This also includes the details concerning the tenant’s family and the household staff. Furthermore, the prime tenant’s name should be mentioned in registration. Besides, the information should also include the details of others who are staying with the tenant in a shared house or unit.

As discussed earlier, registration is made compulsory for cohabitants of private as well as share properties. The Dubai Land Department (DLD) wants this process to take place within a 2 weeks period. Real Estate Lawyers in Dubai, are the best Advocates to grab the most advanced and latest details. 

In addition, this rule is applied to all property owners, builders, renters, and property management companies in Dubai disclosing their information to the concerned authorities. The information includes the Emirate ID, passport number, date of birth, address, and other useful information. Moreover, all the family members and roommates will also be part of the EJARI Tenancy contract once the process ends up.

Besides, the co-occupants can use the registration as proof of their residency in Dubai. However, it cannot be utilized in place of a rental agreement for government transactions. A tenancy agreement may skip the co-name unlike in co-occupant registration.

Co-occupant registration requires all the members of the family to be part of the process. Moreover, the rental agreements will be signed annually by the property owners and the tenants. The contract must contain the following things into it: a list of the property rules and regulations along with all the basic information.

The new set of rules applies to landlords, property developers, renters, property management companies, and others. It is applied to both villas and flats in Dubai.

All this procedure is done to create a full-fledged set of static records of the inhabitants of the state.  The officials state the motive behind this is to aid the government and state-owned bodies to respond to the changing demands of its citizens, tourists, and residents.

The state allows the sharing of a residence only with the landlord’s consent. Therefore, they legally share the will, flat, or apartment, and thus, they must follow the particular guidelines illustrated by the government officials.

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