Reasons You Should Replace Your Old Roof

Your most significant duties as a homeowner is to maintain your home and ensure it always meets all requirements.

To provide the highest degree of comfort, security, and safety, homes require maintenance, including roof replacement, throughout time.

The longer you’ve been a homeowner, the more likely you’ve considered replacing your old roof with a new one. There are signals to look out for to see if the time is perfect for you and your home before making the choice to replace your roof completely.

1. Look for Shingle Issues

The shingles on your roof can also be examined to see if your roof needs any more maintenance or needs to be replaced totally.

Be sure to check the external shingles of your roof for any cracks, crooked shingles, or shingles that have curled or bowed upwards. 

Excessive shingle granule loss is a certain indicator that the roof is not in the best possible condition to offer your home the best possible protection and insulation.

2. Check Your Roof for Wind Damage

When doing roofing tasks and inspections, keeping the environment and temperature in mind is always crucial.

Depending on the sort of roof you currently have installed and the area in which you live, your home’s roof may need more care or reinforcement.

Even during major storms and strong winds, a sturdy roof that is currently in good shape will remain flat. It may be time to look further into the general health and condition of your current roof when the shingles on it start to curl up, fly away, or even break apart after a significant storm.

3. Flashing

Flashing is typically observed in chimneys, vents, and even skylights, and it can help in caulking different gaps to shield your house from all weather conditions. Check all potential flashing areas of your home when inspecting the roof to see if there are any leaks or cracks.

Flashing lights may indicate a more serious problem that must be addressed immediately.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that many older houses generally have an outdated cement flashing system. Consider an all-metal alternative if you’re thinking about replacing your flashing system for longevity and endurance.

4. Rotting Roof

It’s never a good sign and certainly not something a homeowner wants to discover, especially during an inspection. Your roof may deteriorate or have a moisture problem if you see numerous damp spots spread across it. 

You might replace and repair specific roof beams and sections that have been destroyed and impacted by water damage.

However, whenever someone notices that the roof is deteriorating or saturated with water, it is often strongly advised to replace the complete roof. 


Finding a crack, leak, or even some shingles that are damaged on your roof might be frightening, but it’s crucial to keep calm and take no immediate action. Even if your roof may need some maintenance, complete replacement is not always necessary.  

Feel comfortable and secure about your choice when you check your roof knowing what to look for.