Skid steer brush cutter is versatile equipment used for trimming and cutting weeds and shrubs. Buying a brush cutter can get overwhelming for a user as there is a variety of options available to choose from. We will help you in getting the right skid steer brush cutter brand that would not just help in saving time and labor but will also give a great return on investment.

The brand of brush cutter we are talking about is the Blue Diamond skid steer brush cutter. It uses a metal blade that can cut the trunks of trees up to 4 inches thick and also it can cut through dense vegetation. Usually, the brush cutters are pretended to be the same as line trimmer because they have a similar appearance. But, in trimmers, a thin nylon string is used to cut the vegetation like weeds and long grass. The most important difference between a trimmer and a brush cuter is that the brush cutter offers more versatility and power as compared to the trimmers.

The blue diamond skid steer brush cutter offers various blade attachments using which you can cut different types of materials. The blade attachment has three blades for 60’’, four for 72”, 1” inch thick blade carrier, four double-edged blades. And these blades are meant to run about 2.5” from the ground. The machine is much reliable and durable if used with proper maintenance. And depending upon how often you cut and more importantly what you cut, the life of the blade varies.

A brush cutter has a bi-directional motor, and hence you can run the blades in two directions. The equipment is powerful enough to cut even the overgrown bushes which usually can’t be handled by a lawnmower or line trimmer. This machine is preferred over any other large machine as the larger ones cannot cut in the areas which are hard to reach but a brush cutter can.

Skid steer brush cutter – important features

Another important feature of the Blue Diamond skid steer brush cutter is that all the models – 60” as well as 72” are available for both low flow and high flow. The machine runs silently and smoothly, under its deck the machine has a bearing seal protection kit. The machine can cut up to 8” of material very easily. Also, there is the least chance of the seal getting leaked since the drive is filled with grease. The motor includes a dual crossover relief valve and the drive spindle connection has 10 bolts to the blade carrier. To control the debris discharge, the machine raises back with the rear chain curtain, this plays an important role in cleaning out while cutting.

If you have made a firm decision of getting a skid steer brush cutter, then you should remember a few important things. Consider it as a compulsion to learn the technique of cutting using a skid steer brush cutter. This is to make sure that any sort of injury is avoided while using the machine, this also helps in ensuring that the machine does not get damaged due to improper use. While using the machine you must know the specific cutting style because hacking into the grass in any direction to cut it won’t work. Getting a blue diamond brush cutter would be a fine choice as it is a powerful piece of equipment made in the USA.


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