Reasons Why Invest in Cryptocurrency As Early As Now

While the fear of missing out on opportunities is only a state of mind, it is noteworthy that potential crypto returns can be real. That is, if you were able to endure the holdover period waiting for the right time to sell your coins when prices are relatively high. No wonder it would be prudent to invest in cryptocurrency as early as now.

Fear of missing out on the opportunity

Some would say that FOMO is real. Prospective investors may have spent sleepless nights having missed out on the opportunity to start investing in cryptocurrencies. This holds especially when prices are going on an upward trend following a relatively low buying price. Had they bought some coins, they would have earned enough to increase their crypto capital. For this reason, some would yield to the FOMO phenomenon and get a crypto investment the soonest possible time.

It is not a matter of investing first. The rule is to invest at the right time when the buying price is close to its lowest on record. You should not feel sorry for yourself if the prices are not lucrative for buying cryptocurrencies. Remember that your frustration should not be misplaced. For FOMO to be compelling, it must be based on the current price trend readily accessible in most crypto news websites and crypto trading platforms. Feel free to confirm whether your fear is valid by checking on the buying price of your preferred crypto investment unit.

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Meanwhile, you can always create an account in a crypto exchange. You may use the platform in determining whether it is high time to buy coins. All you have to do is to wait for the prices to go down to be able to procure the highest possible number of coins. This way, you can also have a good chance of optimising crypto gains.

As soon as you realise that FOMO is real, based on the price behaviour, you may want to fund your account immediately. You do not have to pour everything into your wallet. It is not recommended for first-timers to go all the way since you still have to familiarise yourself with the risky territory. 

Potential crypto returns after holdover

There is a very obvious reason why you should invest early, especially when you have the resources on hand. If you invest early, there is also a good chance that you will be able to earn returns at the earliest opportunity available. This is why you will be better off looking for a decent crypto trading platform now. Finding a reputable crypto exchange is an exciting initiation for any crypto investor. It is important to search for one which would suit your preferences for a personalised crypto trading experience like that of the Crypto Engine. Your friends may recommend one, but you will have to see it for yourself.  At the end of the day, you will be the one using the platform, so you better land one which would suit your needs.

Another thing to consider in choosing a decent crypto exchange is the transaction costs. You will have to find one which will not be too burdensome in your pocket. Remember that you would want to maximise your capital in buying coins rather than paying for charges. It is for this reason that you need to find one with reasonable transaction fees. By doing so, you can spend most of your funds on the purchase of coins as much as possible.  

To optimise your crypto returns, you will have to find that window of opportunity. That is the chance of buying coins at prices as low as possible. You may want to check out the price history of your preferred cryptocurrency. It would give you an idea, whether the time is ripe to buy coins. Otherwise, you will be better off waiting for quite some time. And you would rather wait than make bold decisions that would only put your capital at peril. Take your time so as to make the most of your crypto trading resources.

When you have already bought coins, you will have to observe some holdover period. That is the waiting time characterised by the interval between buying and selling those crypto coins. The period may vary depending on the price behaviour of your cryptocurrency. You would want to observe the price fluctuation closely to be able to interpret the trend. An upward trend would be favourable with a good chance of reaching a record-high selling price. Nonetheless, you will have to be patient and wait for that time to come. 

Build on your investment thereafter.

How do you intend to build on your investment? The idea is simple, although the call to action may not be that easy. You will have to learn from your experience, which means repeating the good practices and avoiding the bad ones. It is crucial to make an assessment of your crypto trading experience. A journal may come in handy to record your milestones, as well as your mistakes. This would help you grow as a professional crypto investor.

It would not hurt to be self-critical as it gives you an opportunity for improvement. As some would put it, experience is still the best teacher. Still, you will have to keep yourself updated with the latest cryptocurrency trends. You may do so by checking out some trusted websites with forecasts of crypto prices. The information will help you in weighing off your options in making some key investment decisions.  

While you can always opt to increase your capital when the sea is calm, you may want to go over the idea several times. You must be aware of the risks lingering around. They might not have been evident the first time, but they might just blow you away this time. For this reason, you will have to be very careful about giving a boost to your capital.  You may want to use a portion of your gains to increase your capital instead.


When you have already gotten yourself acquainted with the crypto environment, you can always give your capital a big boost. But for now, you should slow it down. You are still in the immersion process.