Reasons to Use Window Decals in Your Store

Looking for an affordable and attention-grabbing strategy to get people into your store? Put some eye-catching and original decals in your shop windows if that’s the case!

Shops that don’t stand out with their displays will likely go undetected on a crowded street. Getting noticed by customers is essential, especially in a retail environment saturated with establishments that make a splash with their decor. Don’t be the kind of business where people remark, “I had no idea it was here!”. Vinyl Labs is here to provide you with solutions for your window decals in Vancouver.

As such, this is where signs come into play. You can’t forget about signage in your marketing strategy. There are several ways in which your company may profit from using this tried-and-true method of advertising. One of the most neglected forms of advertising signage is the window decal (also known as window graphics). Stickers for windows are an effective means of attracting new business. You can strengthen your brand, advertise your goods, and grow your company with the help of professional graphics. Below we will discuss some of the benefits of window decals, why you should use them, and get them from the best window decals in Vancouver by Vinyl Labs.

Few Reasons To Use Window Decals


Window decals from StickerYou are an excellent form of advertising for businesses since they are both low-cost and easily repositionable. Storefront window graphics are an effective way to spread brand awareness and attract new customers. This is an original and ingenious approach to marketing since it takes advantage of a location that could otherwise go unnoticed. There won’t be any hidden fees associated with getting window decals put up since they don’t need any special permissions from the city.

Brand Promotion

In the early stages of a company’s development, this is crucial. Including window decals in your promotional marketing strategy is a great way to remind passers-by about your business. The eye-catching designs draw those passing by who may otherwise shop elsewhere. You may advertise your business name, logo, current sales, and upcoming releases. It’s a great medium for updating customers on the newest developments at your company.

Wrapping Up Loose Ends

Advertising your company using transparent window decals is an excellent method to save money on traditional forms of marketing. In addition to the advantages above, opaque window clings also block harmful ultraviolet radiation. They may also substitute for outdoor advertising if you’re short on cash and want to avoid paying for any extra permissions from the local government.

Any size of the window may have a cling or decal produced to suit it. The stickers are adaptable and specific since you can print anything you desire on them. In addition, setting them up is a breeze. Nothing further, in the way of tools or helpers, is required.

Protection of Glass Windows

It’s a known fact that running a shop has its share of dangers. There’s always a chance that your window may get broken. If that occurs, flying glass shards might hurt customers and workers.

A full-sized window decal may serve as a deterrent in such a situation. Your window’s safety mechanism will help keep the shattered glass from flying everywhere if it breaks. Approach Vinyl Labs to get the best window decals in Vancouver.

Easily Removable

Unique amongst promotional materials is the fact that window decals may be removed at any time. Instead of having to scrape off paint every time you want a new style or pattern, you can just remove the window decals and start again. It’s a smart strategy to keep your shop fresh with new deals for each season.

Stand Apart

Store owners in highly competitive business zones need every advantage they can get. Advertising materials like clings and decals let you stand out from the competition by offering customers something they can’t obtain anyplace else. We will help you make the store and the brand you are promoting have the upper hand over all your competitors.

Block Sun

Here’s a real-world application! Window graphics allow for more artistic expression than simple blinds or shades. Graphics applied to shop windows may serve several purposes, including temperature regulation and protection from sun damage to merchandise and the inside. It combines effective expression with useful information exchange.

All of these advantages will assist in bringing in more clients for your company every day. Some of the sign goods we sell in Vancouver are window decals, floor graphics, and more.

Low Cost

The return on investment for window graphics and decals is quite high. To begin with, the price tag is far less than that of conventional 3D signs. You can cover your whole shop window for a fraction of the price of having an outside sign built and put.

Compared to other signs, their cost-per-impression is likewise rather inexpensive. The best part is that, unlike with an exterior sign, you won’t have to deal with costly permits, long wait times, or bureaucratic red tape to get it up and running.

The majority of window decals are easily applied and removed. If you prefer decorating the exterior of your windows for the holidays, you may save money by reusing the decals you used last year rather than hiring a sign painter.


Window graphics are being used by companies to advertise their hours, phone numbers, websites, and even social media accounts to passers-by. When the shop is closed, this still helps get the word out. Additionally, they may be used to promote ongoing or one-time deals, specials, or events.

Potential Energy Savings

A sticker or image applied on the front window of a shop may save cooling expenses by reflecting or obstructing the sun during the peak hours of morning and afternoon sunlight. The images will not fade or turn yellow over time, thanks to unique UV-resistant inks.

It is possible to see outside your store only from the inside using certain perforated materials. This will let light and air enter while keeping the sun’s heat out. Since this helps reduce the demand for indoor illumination, it results in even greater energy savings.

Visually Stunning

The decals and graphics are printed using special inks that provide exceptionally bright colors and sharp details. Photos of popular items are sometimes used as window graphics at specialty food stores like yogurt and ice cream businesses.

Realistic depictions like this make one salivate at the mere thought of how delicious cool strawberry yogurt might be on a hot summer day.


Window graphics and decals are an excellent, low-cost method of advertising your brand and attracting new customers. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, window decals may also serve to reduce glare within the shop, increase brand recognition, and encourage customers to enter. Stickers and decals for windows are a cost-effective method of marketing your company. These static cling window decals are not only a breeze to apply and remove, but they also last for many seasons. The finest thing is that they are adaptable to both industrial and consumer settings. The fact that bespoke window decals are so inexpensive makes them an excellent promotional tool. If you are looking for window decals solutions in Vancouver, well, look no more. Vinyl Lab has all the window decals solutions for you as they are the best window decals in Vancouver.