Reasons Filtered Cigars Like 305 Filtered Cigars Are The Best Choice

There is no doubt that smoking can be harmful to health. These days sedentary lifestyles and excess smoking have affected the healthy living of people. Considering this, options like 305 filtered cigars have come into the market. The reason filtered cigars are the best choice since they are machine-made ones and come in count packs of 5, 10, and 20. There are some packs available in flavor as well. Such cigars can be purchased at gas stations and even tobacco shops. They are quite like regular cigarettes rather than the premium version of handmade cigarettes.

Know the difference Between Filtered Cigars and Cigarettes:

Primarily the main difference between the regular cigarettes and the filtered option is that the filtered one comes with the finishing that has the tobacco outer leaf. But in the case of regular cigarettes, it is well processed using the appear wrapping. Another big distinction between the two is that the filtered one cannot be inhaled. Ideally, the makers of the cigars never advise inhaling the tobacco smoke in any case. That is why it is advised to never smoke if there is no filter to it. But in the case of the traditional handmade ones, the filter is not added since it just creates a false impression that it’s fine to inhale. Such cigars are now only being sold online under the FDA regulation.

The myth of being cost-friendly price:

Such a type of cigar is cheap since it is created at mass. It is also made of low-quality tobacco that is homogenized in factories. These are later churned out just the way potato chips are done on the conveyor belt. Most of the filtered cigars come in the flavor to mask the tobacco’s actual taste. This means when the user smokes the filtered yet flavored cigar, it would taste the artificial oil and the additives will be found sprayed on the tobacco. Tobacco is usually an agent known for the delivery of nicotine.

Choosing from the flavors of Filtered Cigars:

Such cigars are available in a wide range of grades and different flavors as well. Some cigars are also available in different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and black cherry. Indeed, the flavor gives more of a natural taste and resembles the aged tobacco taste. However, some filtered cigar creators offer different tobacco strengths so the flavor intensity can be chosen.


Options like 305 filtered cigars can be the best choice that is created by Dosal tobacco. It is the same company that also has created other products of tobacco like Competidora, this type of cigar is created with the top-notch quality of tobacco and the premium filter. There is a wide range of flavors and sizes that are available because of which smoker gets a better choice amongst the cigars which are of course worth appreciating. Cigarettes if taken in limited quantities is safe but if avoided would only contribute to better living.