What are the Most Common Real Estate Signs and their Uses?

Whether you are a homeowner or a broker, selling real estate is a challenging task. However, there are several techniques that you can use to increase your chances of making a sale by grabbing potential customers’ attention. Once you have decided to sell a home, you’ll have the significant duty of getting the word out so that everyone knows it’s for sale.

Putting up custom real estate signs around the property and in other relevant areas is the best strategy to advertise both; the property and your real estate business.

Real Estate Signs!

Real estate signs are very essential in the real estate sector. You have probably seen displayed real estate ads at different homes, on the market, at the real estate agencies, or in agency service areas.

They are an important tool for branding, purchasing, and selling real estate, and they are something that every real estate agent should have. Real estate signs are not only put up for the sale of a property, but they carry a lot more information.

These signs have a dual purpose: they draw potential customers’ attention to the property while also advertising the real estate agent’s services.

The information displayed on these signs often includes the name and address of the real estate, as well as the office phone number, business logo, and website information. Additional panels containing information such as price reductions, and the agent’s mobile phone number may be included on certain signs.

Types of Real Estate Signs!

As you prepare your signage strategy for your real estate, the first choice you have to make is what type of sign you will use. Well, in the case of real estate signs you’ve got several alternatives!

Here’s a rundown of the most common real estate sign types!

1. Sign Post

The signpost is a traditional and timeless form of advertising sign that is most commonly used in the real estate sector. A signpost is a hanging sign on a strong wooden inverted L frame. These are ideal for residential properties that are for sale.

These unique sign poles are well recognized for announcing when a home is for sale or when there is an open house showing.

When someone in the market sees a signpost, even from afar, they immediately know that it implies a home is for sale. This persuades people to notice the displayed contact information to learn more about the selling property or the agency.

2. A-Frame

The A-Frame lightweight “sandwich board” signage is ideal for attracting attention to an open house or other similar events.

These sidewalk signs are quite common in the real estate sector. They are frequently used to promote open houses and homes for sale. You may put them on any street corner or even outside your shop to draw attention from passers-by.

3. Paper Poster Signs or Flyers

The easiest and fastest form of advertisement for real estate is by using paper posters and flyers. Moreover, it is the most economical form of advertising as well.

You can use paper posters for advertising an open house, or feature a prime location.

4. Window Wraps

Window wraps can be used to display a ‘’For Sale’’ or ‘’For Rent’’ Sign. They are commonly used in commercial premises with big plate-glass windows.

Most realtors also use window wraps to advertise their services, service hours, and contact information.

These sign types are ideal for real estate signs and with the help of an experienced sign company in NYC each of these sign types can be customized with different sizes and colors.

This is why you must first choose the type of sign before designing the information or visuals about your business, to use it as per your desired business needs.

Uses of Real Estate Signs!

Real estate signs are utilized in a variety of locations and purposes due to the extensive customization options available. Here are some ways to use real estate signs more effectively.

1. For Sale/Lease/Rent Signs

The sign that says ‘’For Sale’’ is perhaps the most popular usage of a real estate sign. The real estate sign is put at the property itself to grab the attention of potential buyers and give them information about who you are, how to contact you, and the property.

Otherwise, there are several prime locations where advertising a Sale Sign grabs the attention of buyers, and putting up real estate signs in these locations is very beneficial.

2. Open House Signs

You can use them for a big open house event, with an address or date. You can count on them to attract interested customers. It is not necessary to put up Open House Signs only on the event location, they can be used in different places so people from around the city are well aware of the event and the interested customers would join the event on the exact date and time.

3. Sold Signs

Sold signs are a fantastic method to celebrate your agency’s success, inform the other potential buyers that the property is now sold, and advertise your business name and contact information to interested customers who may contact you for future purchase/sale jobs.

4. Realtor Signs

Real estate firms also use realtor signs to advertise their services, such as signs on offices, billboards, and other forms of signage that best suit the business needs.

Real estate signs can be used for a cost-efficient and effective approach to advertise the property and the agency’s business.

Just remember, there might be regulations governing the placement of these signs in your yard. So, before putting up a ‘For Sale sign, it is necessary to make sure you are not violating any size or location limitations.

Selling Property Just Got Easier With Real Estate Signs!

A properly designed real estate sign has a significant impact. You just have to choose what type of sign best fits your real estate needs. Here’s where a professional sign company can help!

So, Contact an expert sign maker in NYC now and you can purchase/sell any real estate with ease as they design your perfect Real Estate Sign.