QuickBooks Desktop Data Damage Error: Learn To Repair (A Quick User Guide)

QuickBooks Software is an asset for millions of businesses for securing their data, assets and keeping the liabilities safe. But, there are many instances when, due to some bugs and errors, the whole set of data gets corrupted or damaged. Even with all its modern advanced features, QuickBooks Desktop is receiving many issues associated with data damage and it is named as QuickBooks Desktop Data Damage Error. With this post, you will no longer be in any sort of such data damage problem. Start reading & learning with us. 

Data Damage Issue: Why Does It Occur?

This basic error comes up when any of the QuickBooks company files is broken or damaged, and thus can no longer be processed by the software. Now, what further happens when we cannot access the company file is the first question popping up in everyone’s mind. The user cannot proceed with any kind of work on these files and data previously saved in your system. This specific issue is hard to find as there can be some internal factors as well as external factors.

Types of Data damages in QuickBooks

Different types of data damages that a user can face are given here. Read below for more.

  • Link Damage: In this situation, the link between the transactions are damaged.
  • List Damage: In this scenario, the lists including Chart of Accounts, Vendors, Items, Customers, and Employees are corrupted.
  • Structural Damage: In this case, the tables & headers of the files are disrupted.

List of Top Data Damage QuickBooks Errors

A list of Data Damage in QuickBooks will assist you in knowing the data damage errors better. Read the list below.

Title/LinkDamage TypeTransactions/Modules Affected
Error 6000: An error occurred when QuickBooks accessed the company fileStructuralNetworking
Error -6150, -1006StructuralN/A
QBWin.log Error: LVL_SEVERE_GetDecryptedCreditCardNumberListEncrypted Data in QB (CC, SSN, Accounts)
QBWin.log Error: Verify list. Encountered Duplicate nameListLists
QBWin.log error: LVL_ERROR: Order Mismatch error: Verify the item history target quantityTransactionSales Orders
QBWin.log: Orphan payee found in Online cacheListOnline Services
QBWin.log Error: LVL_ERROR : Verify Item History: Build taxation target bad pending state.ListItems, Inventory Adjustments, Builds
QBWin.log Error: LVL_ERROR: Invalid Customer ID number: Verify the Online Account Info ListOnline Banking, Customers
QBWin.log Error : LVL_ERROR: Verify Account List ItemListChart of Accounts
QBWin.log: LVL_Error: Verify Item error: Invalid tax agencyListItems
QBWin.log: Verify Target error: Invalid Open BalanceTransactionAny transaction

QuickBooks File Damage: How to Prevent?

If we can avoid this issue at first, then there will be no need to diagnose it. It will also save your valuable time. The points to prevent data damage are listed as follows.  

  • Update the patches
  • Keep the file size within limit.
  • Monitor the database of file fragments from time to time.
  • Monitor the list size.
  • Create a back-up in QuickBooks. 
  • Go for a Hard-wired network over a wireless network.

Fix the Company File Data Damage

Method 1: Using Rebuild Tool

The procedure to rebuild QuickBooks data file is quite easy to carry out. Follow the directions below.

  1. Launch the QuickBooks Desktop application and then go to the File menu.
  2. Tap on the option of Utilities and then click on Rebuild Data.
  1. In case the app shows a warning message for the file back up, tap on OK.
  2. It will then show that the Rebuild is complete, tap on OK again.
  3. Lastly, use the option Verify Data to do a check on the remaining data damage.

Note: If the app shows ‘QuickBooks is not responding’ text, then wait for the rebuild data process to complete.

If the verify process operation fails, then repeat the same process until the application verifies all the files for data damage.

Method 2: Using QuickBooks Tools

Although the above manual method is quite simple, sometimes they can also consume your valuable time. Let us now find a better approach that is to use the free QBs tools. 

Here are some astonishing QBW file repair tools:

  1. Reboot.bat

This tool registers various QuickBooks related components of Microsoft Windows again.

  1. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Rectifies and diagnoses a number of issues, with primary focus on the Microsoft .NET Framework.

  1. QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

It troubleshoots the problems that hinders the functioning of QuickBooks.

  1. QuickBooks File Doctor 

QuickBooks File Doctor Download repairs different types of data corruption issues, Windows and network setup problems.


Data Damage in Quickbooks Desktop Company File is quite a basic error and once you are through with our article, we hope you will have no such ongoing trouble wasting any more of your valuable time. For any more queries, you can reach out to us anytime.