Quest Food Management Services Rising Above the Pandemic By Filling Up Their Teams

One of the most significant ways Quest Food Management Services has stayed afloat while so many other businesses in the industry are drowning is through adequate changes, teamwork, and flexibility.

If there is one thing Quest can boast about, it is the fact that they are still going strong in the food industry, even after all of the restrictions, rules, and regulations were put into place after the COVID virus made its unwelcome appearance in 2019.

So, what is Quest Food Management Services doing that has made them successful during the pandemic? They are doing it by filling up their teams and working harder than ever to continue providing fantastic services to the customers they cherish. 

How are Quest Food Management Services Staying in Business During the Pandemic?

Quest Foods has made significant changes to its daily operations to ensure its customers and employees stay safe during the pandemic. Although some of the changes may have been a little difficult, they proved to work in their favor.

The changes made to the company didn’t only take place on customer levels but throughout the company and the services they provide, including:

  • Menu; Service Modifications 
  • Safety; Sanitation Enhancements 
  • Classroom Delivery Service
  • Catering Service Modifications 
  • Quest Employee Safety and Sanitation Practices

Changes to Food Preparations and packaging

Quest Foods have eliminated self-serving options from their facilities to make things sanitary and safe for customers, eliminating close contact between customers and avoiding cross-contamination at the counter.

This change means no more self-serving salads, fruits, or veggies and the elimination of condiment stations. That doesn’t mean you have to forego your options of healthy grab-and-go meals or using condiments to flavor your foods; instead of self-serving, Quest has added food items to their grab-and-go options and condiment packages.

Changes to Delivery and Catering services

Since delivery and catering are such a massive part of the company’s practice, and they made this area of the job just as safe. When making deliveries to schools, each employee will be in charge of the same delivery route to ensure limited contact. These employees will be wearing PPD face masks and ensure safe hand-offs of individually packaged, fresh meals. 

While catering is still an option, the service will look a lot different than it has in the past. Buffets are no longer available, and each guest will receive individually packaged meals picked from the company’s re-designed menu. Lastly, the setup will include additional spacing to adhere to social distancing. 

Changes to Hands-on Services

Quest Food Management Services now supports and encourages multiple cashless or touchless options and started expanding mobile orders and contactless deliveries and pickups when paying for your food. 

How Employees Are Doing Their Part

When ensuring the safety of the public and the company, Quest Foods employees are also doing their part. This team of professionals is entwining some new enhancements with their already strict health and sanitation practices to double up on community safety.

Safety Practices

To ensure the public’s safety and keep the business up and running by following CDC’s guidelines. Quest Foods is now posting signs and floor decals to maintain social distancing in an easy and organized fashion.

They are also protecting guests and company employees with safety barriers at check-out and pick-up areas to limit the spread of airborne germs and physical contact.

Silverware is now served in individually wrapped packages or will come from a touchless cutlery dispensary. 

Even better is that the company is also implementing sustainable and earth-friendly disposable packaging whenever and wherever it can. 

Sanitary Practices

Keeping spaces clean and sanitized isn’t a new practice for Quest Food Management Services. However, to ensure added protection, Quest Foods has increased the sanitation of tools, equipment, and workstations used frequently and excitedly sanitizing all surfaces in between customers. 

Work Routine

The last change made in the company that helped Quest stay ahead of the pandemic was the work routine followed by each employee.  Workers were told to stay home when they felt sick, check their temperatures daily regardless of how they felt, and practice daily health checks to watch for any warning signs or symptoms. 

To ensure all workers are compliant, a specific employee monitors social distancing and ensures sanitation guidelines are being followed. At the same time, all workspaces have been redesigned to provide plenty of space between workers to adhere to social distancing.

Why it Works

Quest Foods has made many changes in its practice over the last few years that allowed them to succeed in an industry where the pandemic forced so many others to close its doors. While most other companies implemented many of the same practices as Quest, having a unified team and a plan seemed to help keep them alive.

With 34% of businesses in America still closed in 2022 after being shut down due to the pandemic, Quest Foods is ready to do its part in helping out where it can.