The QUADRATUS LUMBORUM MUSCLE is the deepest abdominal muscle, which starts from the lowest rib and goes all the way to the top of your pelvis. Quadratus lumborum muscle helps support the core of the body while breathing; not only this, it also is very common to have pain in QL Muscle, as this muscle is used to walk, sit and stand. Furthermore, the QL Muscle stabilizes the movement of the spine and maintains the correct posture of the spine and pelvis. Quadratus lumborum muscle, if not taken care of then might cause pain in the lower back. Ql Claw is an effective tool to release the stress and stiffness of Ql Muscle.

Symptoms of QL Muscle pain:

Tightens and discomfort around the lower back are some of the symptoms of QL Muscle pain.  QL Muscle pain usually leads to acute pain in the lower back, which may cause discomfort while sitting and might become worse when in motion. It affects the individual’s daily life, as the person is unable to do daily routine tasks due to the acute pain in the QL muscle. QL Muscle pain might also trigger or be a symptom that might cause pain in the lower back, hip, and pelvis.

Causes of QL muscle pain:

Stress and strain could be the main reason for QL Muscle pain; not only this, but the muscle may also cause pain when they are too loose or too tight. Poor sitting or standing posture is yet another cause of QL Muscle pain. The QL muscle pain causes discomfort around both sides of the spine. The pian in the QL muscle makes it difficult for the individual to do daily routine tasks. Trauma to the QL muscle from any accident can also be the reason for pain in the QL muscle. The QL muscle pain is a chronic pain that might be long-lasting and affects the overall wellbeing of the person suffering from it. Unequal leg length could be yet another reason for QL muscle pain. Below mentioned are some of the causes that cause Ql Muscle pain:

  • Sitting for a longer duration of time: Sitting for a longer period may cause the Ql muscle to contract or tighten, which may then cause pain in the QL muscle.
  • Poor posture of sitting or standing: Poor posture while standing or sitting might stress the QL Muscle, not only this slouching, sitting without any back support, and leaning on one side all these could be the reason which stresses the QL Muscle eventually causing the lower back pain.
  • Weak Muscles: If the muscle around the lower back or pelvis area is weak, it may cause the QL Muscle to overwork which tenses the muscle and cause lower back pain or Ql muscle pain. 
  • Trauma: The injury to the quadratus lumborum Muscle can cause trauma to the muscle and strain the quadratus lumborum muscle, which is the reason for pain in QL Muscle or lower back pain. 
  • Unequal leg length: Unequal leg length can cause stress and strain on many muscles, including QL muscle. The length of one leg is shorter than the other, which makes the pelvis higher on the longer leg side. This strains the quadratus lumborum muscle, which then becomes the cause of lower back pain.

QL Claw:

QL Claw is a lower back muscle release massager that helps in releasing the lower back pain. It is easy to use, and within minutes, it helps tighten the QL Muscle, leading to QL Muscle release. Ql claw helps in Ql muscle release and helps unwind all the five muscles that might become the cause of lower back pain. People suffering from continuously back pain usually have tight Ql muscle. Ql Claw is designed so that it is easy to use and helps in Ql muscle release. Ql Claw effectively massages all the muscles that are causing back pain. The most important feature of the Ql Claw is that it is portable and provides relief to the Ql Muscle. Furthermore, the price of Ql Claw is even reasonable, which makes it more accessible to the people.

QL Muscle release:

It is important to get the pain caused by the Quadratus lumborum muscle treated as it affects the individual’s overall physical activity and wellbeing. The message, stretching exercise, heat, and stretches were considered effective ways for QL Muscle release. Unfortunately, all these methods for QL muscle release are not so effective and take forever to release the QL muscle pain. For effective and quick release of the pain, QL Claw is created. It helps in quick and effective release in the Ql muscle and is super easy to use. People suffering from QL muscle pain now prefer using QL Claw as it is easy to use and effective at the same time. The person needs to lay on the QL Claw, and the slight motion will help release the pain. Ql Claw is effective for lower back pain and even strengthens the Ql muscles. 

Pain release in QL Muscle:

It is not that difficult to release the QL Muscle pain. You need to Release, Stretch and Strengthen. The release focuses on targeted muscle theory, which effectively releases the Ql Muscle pain and tightens the muscle. QL Claw is, therefore, an effective way which helps in SENSE INSIDER – Lifestyle And Technology Stuffs. Furthermore, stretch focuses on effective ways to massage and release the pain. The message helps release the tension on the QL muscle; once the tension is releasing the stretch would be easy and have effective results. Once the Ql muscle pain is release, then one can start working on strengthening the QL muscle.

The link between Ql Muscle and back pain:

QL Muscle and back pain are directly linked. Stiffness in the QL muscle and stressed Ql muscles is the main cause of lower back pain. Ql muscle plays a vital role stabilization of the spine. Improper posture causes stress and strain on the muscle, which eventually causes lower back pain.

They are treating and releasing stress and strain from the Ql muscle by doing different QL Massages and stretches. As both QL Muscle and back pain are directly linked, the lower back pain will also release by treating the QL Muscle. The individual should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sit and stand in a proper posture to avoid stressing the QL Muscle. Even being overweight can cause stress and strain on the QL muscle, leading to lower back pain.

Prevention from Quadratus lumborum:

Fitness is the key to prevent suffering from Quadratus lumborum pain. Try and do some stretching and exercise, not only this does not neglect the pain; get it check by the doctor to avoid any serious situation. Below mentioned are some of the ways that will help in the prevention of QL muscle pain:

  • Make sure that your posture is correct while you are standing or sitting.
  • When lifting a heavy object, make sure the posture is correct.
  • Try and sleep in a posture that reduces back pain.
  • Take breaks while doing any physical work to avoid stiffness of the QL muscle.
  • To maintain overall fitness and a decent weight according to the height of the individual. 


Overall, the Quadratus lumborum Muscle plays the main role in stabiles the spine; not only this, if the Ql muscle is stressed, it might cause lower back pain. There are many ways for QL muscle release; one of the most effective is the QL Claw. The strength and fitness of Ql Muscle make it easy for the individual to perform daily routine tasks. On the other hand, if the Ql muscle is stiff or stressed, it becomes almost impossible even to do the daily routine tasks. To maintain the overall well being it is necessary to ensure the fitness of QL muscle. Try and maintain correct postures while sitting, standing, sleeping, and while lifting any heavy object.

Furthermore, one suffering from lower back pain or stiffness of Ql muscle can do QL massage to soften the Ql muscles, and once that is done, stretching might help release the stiffness and stress on the QL Muscle. Lastly, people who are more active and are into any sports or workers involved in lifting heavy stuff have more chances of Quadratus lumborum muscle stiffness. Not only this improper posture is yet another cause of Quadratus lumborum muscle stiffness. Suppose the preventive measures and ways to release the stiffness of the Quadratus lumborum muscle do not help in releasing the Quadratus lumborum muscle pain and back pain. In that case, it is better to consult a doctor to avoid any unpleasant situation. The doctor might prescribe some medication, preferably some muscle relaxant. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and correct posture can surely help prevent the stiffness of the Quadratus lumborum muscle. Not only does this Quadratus lumborum muscle have an important role in the overall movement of the individual. Pain in the Quadratus lumborum muscle makes it difficult to do daily routine tasks. Read more articles at hazelnews.