PVC Windows & Doors – Home Improvement Product Of The 1980s

Any individual today who likes to replace windows and doors is spoilt for choice with limitless colours available and style in designs to match, from modern to contemporary – UPVC double glazed windows and doors offers the best combination for getting the exact door or windows you need.

The presentation of UPVC during the 1980s was revolutionary and offered householders an alternative to wooden window frames and aluminium, it was an era known as the uPvc gold rush. The products exploded in popularity and its easy to understand why?

Scientific Name

Un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, yes I know somewhat of a mouthful lol.

Basically all windows and doors providers offer UPVC as the modern day alternative and we’re the same at Windows 4 U, due the different characteristics and durability it keeps on accommodating householders.

With the high speed nature of modern living uPvc products prove to be nearly maintenance free and longer lasting than previous alternatives of yesteryears, non having to repaint frames due the weathering or rust. uPvc can last up to 30 years and still maintain its new looks.

The excellence of UPVC is that it can take care of itself as it is totally climate safe. Your picked finish will not blur, nor will you need to re-establish the window outline. Your main errand will be to wipe the uPvc down at regular intervals with a wet material to eliminate any soil and grime.

Energy Performance

Living spaces often feel cold and draughty in winter time because non Upvc windows and doors are not suited and have poor insulating qualities.

UPVC is renowned for being an effective insulator and are designed for trapping heat in the home, meaning less money spent on oil and gas. Our uPVC windows and doors</a> are A+ energy rated as standard, so the thermal efficiency they provide is exceptionally high and will help to bring down the cost of energy bills.


Knock on a PVC window frame or door and you will find it to be extremely inflexible and hard. Forcing one open when it’s locked would be very difficult to achieve, so added security makes it a no brainer.

We only use multipoint locking systems, which bolts the door into the frame and locks at multiple points. Beware some companies will use a cheap euro lock barrel which will make your upvc doors easy pickings for an accomplished thief.


There will be some who consider UPVC to be less aesthetically-pleasing than wooden or aluminium counter parts, as it does look less ‘plasticky’ in comparison. With more colour options for uPVC nowadays than ever, and the option for adding woodgrain effects that make UPVC look almost identical to timber – taking away the ‘plasticky’ feel and aiming again for the more traditional look with the natural wooden grain effect proves to be the decider now a days for people in the past who swayed because of this.

Why We Believe In Upvc

We know that UPVC is exceptionally reliable, so are we. When purchasing new windows and doors via Windows 4 U we will offer great prices and free quotes – finance options, expert customer service and brilliant aftercare. To speak to us over the phone about Pvc doors Belfast or Upvc windows Belfast give us a call or send a message – the website is packed with great information and showcases 99% of the products we can offer.