Pros and cons of Synthetic hair and Human hair wigs

There is great debate about 2 types of wigs that what should be chosen to get the best utility from them. There are basically 2 types of materials by which wigs are produced (synthetic hair material and human hair material). These are the 2 main types of material that are widely used in the making of wigs. Both types of wigs provide the best features under their price tags and are worth buying. But how do we distinguish between both? Today in this article I will share all the information about synthetic and human hair wigs that how they benefit their user and which one will suit you. Let’s get started.

What is a wig?

A wig is a hair accessory that is used in hairstyling and is generally made of (synthetic hair, human hair or at times animal hair). This is an accessory that can completely transform one’s appearance. There are various reasons to wear a wig. One of the most reasons is to hide the baldness and present a completely attractive look. Another reason is to use the wig to support the natural hair while making hairstyles. 

Major types of wigs: 

The major types of wigs are (synthetic hair and human hair). These are the materials that will get whenever you go to the market to buy wigs. Animal hair wigs are also used but not as much as widely as synthetic and human hair wigs are used. 

Synthetic hair wig:

Synthetic hair wigs are versatile and easy to wear. If you want to go to a party or any event and you are in a great hurry. So, synthetic wigs are a get option to opt for. These wigs are more affordable than human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are less natural-looking especially in the daylight due to their high sheen. Synthetic wigs have fibres of multiple materials. It could be (polyester, acrylic etc). As human hair wigs are expensive so investing in synthetic hair wigs is not a bad option.

Advantages of synthetic wigs: 

  • Adaptable: you can enjoy a variety of colours and styles without the help of your hairstylist according to the hairstyle that you need.
  • Cost: Low cost is one of its fascinating features. This is something that delights most users. Its price is extremely low. You can buy multiple wigs as per your need at a low price. 
  • Colour diversity: There is a great colour variation that you can enjoy as per your need and choice. The sky is the limit just go online or to the offline market and check the colour range. I am pretty sure you are going to find some of the best amazing colours.
  • Cheap maintenance: There is no such high maintenance cost to pay for synthetic wigs. These wigs require minimum maintenance. So you, don’t need to be worried about maintenance.
  • Read to go: If you are in a rush and need to go to a party or somewhere instantly. These wigs are ready to wear as they are pre-styled and take less time to be worn.

Disadvantages of synthetic hair:

  • Unnatural appearance: Most cheap-priced synthetic wigs are failed to provide a natural-looking appearance as other wigs provide. The shine of these wigs also feels substandard. If you purchase a high-quality synthetic wig then you may not face this issue. 
  • Less adaptable: These wigs can’t be curled or straightened with the help of hairstyling heating tools (if the wig is by default not meant to be a high-quality wig).
  • Permanent colour: Colouring the synthetic wig is not suggested by beauty experts as they are not designed to be coloured. 

Human hair wig:

These are wigs that are made of 100% original human hair. Human hair wigs may be entirely customized and used in your daily routine. Nevertheless, it’s highly important to consider buying synthetic wigs because there are numerous types of human hair wigs and the 2 basic categories are: Asian and European hair.

Asian hair wigs have a market of 98%. On the other hand, European wigs have 2% of the market. This is a clear difference in that the majority of people use Asian wigs. 

Advantages of human hair wig:

  • Versatility: One of the amazing features of human hair wigs is that they can be coloured, and styled as your own hair. They don’t feel like artificial hair. They give a very premium feel when applied to the head and are quite comfortable.
  • Daily use: Human hair wigs may last up to 13 months (if taken care of properly). You can also wear these wigs daily. 
  • Superior texture: Human hair wigs are the wigs that exclusively come up with diverse textures that will easily match your original hair texture. 
  • Natural-looking hairline: These wigs are best to provide a natural-looking hairline.

Disadvantages of human hair wigs:

Price tag: Human hair wigs come with a high price tag and are generally more expensive than other types of wigs.

Faded colour: The colour of these fade over time (if your exposure to the light is high).

Sensitive: These wigs have sensitive hair structures and if you brush harshly the hair, they will get damaged. Resultantly, you will need to buy a new one. Its maintenance is also another challenge. Keep all these points in mind when buying human hair wigs.

Reactive to weather conditions: Just like your own original hair. Human hair wigs will react to weather conditions like frizz, or dry hair directly proportional to weather.

Now you have read all the pros and cons of synthetic and human hair wigs and you just need to decide that what is your budget and needs whether you want glueless wigs or standard wigs.  After analysing your requirements go to and buy the wigs of your choice. I hope you will get the best wig for your hair styling.