Pros and Cons of Living in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations. People are moving to Cyprus to enjoy their lives after retirement. Being one of the famous retirement destinations, people seek Cyprus residency. Thus, residency through investment is the easy and fastest method to obtain citizenship in Cyprus.

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Before you move to your new country, you probably want to research its culture, advantages, and disadvantages. Moreover, it helps you make your mind and take the right decision for your future. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of living in Cyprus.

Pros of Living in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most favorable countries for tourists and retirees. People love to travel to Cyprus due to its rich culture and stunning beaches. Also, the island offers a range of benefits to people living in the country.

Less Population, Less Pollution

With about 1.2 million population, Cyprus is one of the least populated countries in the world. If you compare the island’s population with other countries, you will notice they have more population in a single city.

When a place is less occupied, it means less pollution. Furthermore, the country doesn’t have a lot of industries, which means fresh air and water.

Thankfully, the drainage system in Cyprus is excellent. Furthermore, you will hardly see any garbage on roads due to strict rules. In short, a perfect place to live a healthy life.

Quality of Life

People in Cyprus enjoy their life more than in other countries. Also, most people work for 6 to 7 hours a day and five days a week. Moreover, people like to spend more time with their families.

With the relaxing pace of life; it is easy to enjoy your life. Also, you have all the time to enjoy your favorite activities. Once you get Cyprus residency, you can forget the job worries.

Safe Place

Who would like to live in a country with a high crime rate? Nobody. Thankfully, Cyprus is a safe country with a minimal crime rate.

If you want to raise your children or live in a peaceful environment, the island is the perfect place for you. Also, the local police are very efficient. Thus, they act immediately and arrest the culprits in case of a breach.

Warm Weather

If you prefer warm weather, Cyprus is the best European country for you. Also, the temperature is fairly manageable all over the year. So, you can experience summer for nearly 7 months.

Low Cost of Living

Most importantly, the cost of living in Cyprus is lower than in other European countries. No matter if you are a student or tourist, you will witness a low cost of living. Furthermore, you can easily find cheap flats or houses. More importantly, you will save a lot on utility bills while living in Cyprus.

English is a Common Language

Have you ever tried living in a country where English isn’t a popular language? It is a tough experience.

Thankfully, Cypriots speak English fluently. Sp, even older people who can’t speak proper English, know basic English to talk to foreigners.

Low Corporate Tax Rate

Corporate or company tax is imposed by the government on a company’s net income. The Cyprus government has imposed only 12 percent corporate tax, which is fairly low as compared to other countries. Some countries even have a 50 percent corporate tax.

Low company tax means foreign investors are moving their businesses to Cyprus instead of another European country.

Cons of Living in Cyprus

Before we talk about the disadvantages of living in Cyprus, keep in mind that every place has some drawbacks. Regardless of which country you choose to live in, you have to manage its negative side as well.

High Personal Income Tax

The personal income tax rates go up to 35 percent in Cyprus. If you are earning a basic salary in Cyprus, it will be difficult to maintain a European kind of lifestyle.

Things will be a lot better for middle-class families if the government reduces the tax ratio.

Cyprus Isn’t A Schengen Country

Cyprus has yet to be included in the Schengen zone. It makes it slightly difficult to visit other European countries with ordinary passports.

Cyprus Is Difficult to Reach

Being an island, Cyprus is not easily accessible. People have to take a boat or place to visit the country. This is probably the reason why most tourists end their journey in Greece.

Low Salaries

When you compare with other European countries, Cyprus offers low salaries. If you are Non-European and Non-Cypriot, you are likely to earn 5 Euros per hour for a part-time job.

If your company doesn’t offer accommodation and food, your full-time job will not allow you to save a lot of money.

Summers Are Hot

Summers Are Hot

As mentioned earlier, Cyprus is a warm country. It brings one disadvantage as well. During summer, it can get extremely hot as well. In 2020, the highest recorded temperature in Cyprus was 45.6 centigrade.

Fewer Job Opportunities

Cyprus doesn’t have a lot of factories or industries. It means there are far fewer jobs as compared to other European countries. Most of the products are imported from other countries.

The island relies on agriculture and tourism. Few job sectors mean few opportunities.

Bad Transportation Habits

Cypriots rely on their personal vehicles. People don’t take local transport even if they have to go a couple of blocks down. It results in unnecessary traffic problems.

Local transport is only used by middle-class people, students, and tourists.

Conclusion On Pros and Cons of a Cyprus Residency

Cyprus is a beautiful country that offers clean air and pure water. From the low cost of living to warm weather, it has everything people look for.

If you are trying to get Cyprus residency and move there, it is a good decision. Hopefully, you will never regret your decision to move to the country. Good luck.