Pro Tips on Making Your Travel Instagram Page Successful

Those infected with wanderlust like nothing better to pore over the many Instagram travel pages to discover new destinations or rediscover the old and familiar ones. There are travel pages on Instagram that focus on a variety of niches, right from travel tips to destinations perfect for weddings or even to make mundane meetings exciting. If you too have been bitten by the travel bug and want to set up an Instagram page and win followers with your unique experiences, following these expert tips will make the job easier:

Become an Experienced Traveler 

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to start a travel Instagram page with the potential for success is to get enough travel experience. Typically, travel blogs are started by people with loads of travel experience because it is natural that their followers will trust them more for authentic content. However, since this typically requires years of travel experience, it may not be possible for you to wait that long waits for manchester of india can be seen. Instead, you can pitch your Instagram travel page as a blog by a newbie traveler. There is a huge audience that is keen to learn about the experiences and perspectives of a person who not is a travel expert. Again, it is always not necessary to have a big budget so that you can travel to faraway and exotic destinations. You can make a start by defining your niche in such a way that you can travel to nearby destinations and not have to spend a lot of money. Of course, you will need to be genuinely interested in the niche to make your engagement authentic. If you find the going a bit slow in the beginning, it can be worthwhile to buy IG followers to boost your presence.

Define Your Niche

To the uninitiated, travel may seem a single subject, but it can be astonishing how many different aspects you can focus on to achieve success quickly and to make it easier to stand out in the multitude of travel blogs on Instagram. For example, you can focus on art and culture, sports, travel with kids, women traveling solo, pet-friendly destinations, and much more. Carving out a niche for yourself helps you to not only beat most of the clutter of travel blogs but also is easier for you to set yourself up as an expert on the subject. By consistently crafting your content on your chosen subject, your followers will also know what to expect from you, which is a great plus in establishing your brand. As a travel expert focusing on niche subjects, it is easier for you to win over the trust of Instagram users who will be then more ready to follow you and engage with you meaningfully. According to Forbes, posting authentic and realistic photos will ensure that your Instagram travel account enjoys credibility.

Become a Whiz in Photography 

Instagram stands out from the rest of the social media platforms because it is visual-centric. As amenable as it is for posting travel content, users are under pressure to post photos that are visually stunning and original in their approach. It does not mean that travel blogs on Instagram should be created only by professional photographers and also need more follower and likes on your Instagram account . Even if you are not in a position to afford high-quality cameras and equipment, you can use your smartphone as most of the new models are capable of shooting excellent quality photos. You should make it a point to visit as many travel and photography pages on Instagram to see how the photographs are composed. You can also visit a variety of only resources, including YouTube, to learn the various tips and tricks of travel photography and the use of photo-editing and beautification software and apps. Of course, as your Instagram page becomes popular and you can work with brands for endorsements, you can plan to buy better quality equipment.


Creating an Instagram account and posting cool travel photos is only part of the game. To get followers with whom you can interact and engage; you need to make your account highly discoverable by users. Since the only way users can discover content on Instagram is using hashtags, you will need to evolve a robust hashtag strategy, as well as use, geotags, to pinpoint your location. If you do not have an idea regarding the relevant hashtags, you can visit the Instagram pages of your competitors and see which hashtags they are using. You can also research by using one of the many hashtag research tools available online. While using some of the more popular Instagram hashtags may open up a possibility of your photos being asked to be reposted on the larger travel accounts, typically, it is better to use a mix of popular and specific hashtags to increase your discoverability. Make it a point to use other social media sites to direct users to explore your Instagram travel account.

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