Preparing Your Home For A Party

Setting aside some time on the evening before your party is essential. Make sure that your home is going to make you proud to be the host or hostess. Don’t go overboard – especially if those who are going to be attending are family or close friends – but do the essentials. Make sure that the fridge is clean and that your kitchen is neat, hygienic, and tidy. It’s almost inevitable that guests will drift into that room during the course of the party. Empty the bin, replace the bag and take out the garbage (you should do this before the guests arrive prior to the party). Bathrooms should be clean and organized (make sure of clean towels and soap for the guests).

Make sure that floors are looking their best, sweep or vacuum. Make up all the beds in the home and tidy up those areas where guests will be congregating.

Make sure that trash is not going to pile up on any level surface during the course of the party by putting out a trash receptacle (especially important if you are going to be serving finger food). Show your concern for the environment by having a separate bin for recyclables such as cans and glass.

Aside from the aforementioned clean towels and soap, also make sure that your bathroom is well stocked with toilet paper (visible to guests) and that a fresh roll has been placed on the holder. Have a small trash can and a plunger – just in case.

Accidents do happen so make sure that you have a stain remover handy so you can deal with spills as they happen. It’ll ensure that your soft furnishings, throw pillows, carpet and rugs stay looking great. Write down your Wi-Fi password and put it up where the guests can see it. If you want to go that extra mile, rename your network to something that is appropriate to the theme of the party. Set up a charger or two (if you have some with different connections that might be a good idea – guests have different makes of devices.

If your home has those little challenges (and most do) leave a note for guests (e.g. Doorbell has its own mind – knock if you don’t hear it). Guests don’t like to be a bother – and some may even get embarrassed at asking for help.

Some of the best parties have ‘zones’ – and where there are a smaller number of guests those zones allow them to congregate without feeling self-conscious. A well-known party planner said (in ‘The Art of the Gathering’) that it is all about density – that’s one of the reasons that people gravitate towards the kitchen. The kitchen is always going to be polar, but create some extra zones by dragging a few chairs together or setting up a drinks table outdoors (weather allowing), it’ll serve as a natural meeting point.

Sometimes you may need some extra equipment (a cooler box, portable Bluetooth speaker, or those extra chargers and chairs spring to mind). Most friends would be only too delighted to help – it allows them to feel that they have made a contribution.

Add to the ambiance with simple touches like a string of Christmas lights. Browse a huge range of glow toys and party props at They provide that soft and intimate glow that can really allow people to relax. Arrange them on the drinks table or hang them over some plants – exercise your creativity and you will be surprised at the difference the little touches can make.