Preparation guide for your upcoming exams using NCERT solutions

Preparing for your exams is not a one-day process but a year-long one. You are able to ace your exams with flying colours only when you are able to make a diligent plan and stick to it from day one. But, as they say, better late than never. So, even if you haven’t started your preparation from day one, it’s okay. There is still time and you can come up with a plan even now to help you score well. In this article, we will walk you through exactly that, which is how you can plan for your upcoming exam preparations, and how NCERT solutions and NCERT important questions can help you out. Read ahead to know more.

Create A Study Schedule

As a student, one of the most important things you first need to work on, even before you start studying, is creating a timetable. Now, this is ideally done at the beginning of your academic year. But whenever you are starting, curate a study schedule and only then proceed. Now, you must be wondering, why we are stressing so much on this particular point. It is because having a set schedule reduces the burden and anxiety.

Let’s say you jump in without a plan, what happens? Halfway through you will end up confused. It can also make you anxious because the portions are wide and you have no concrete idea as to when you will be able to finish them. But that’s not the case with a timetable. With the help of a schedule, you don’t have to worry about a thing because you have curated it after thinking everything through. So, just stick to your schedule and you are good to go.

An easy way to create your timetable is to calculate the number of days you have with you and divide it into three parts where part one gets 60 percent, two gets 30 percent, and three gets 10 percent. Your part one will be dedicated to finishing your syllabus, which includes textbooks, NCERT solutions, and finally all the important questions. In part two, you will keep revising all you have studied with the help of your revision notes and will keep taking mock tests to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Now, let’s say, you find yourself extremely weak in a particular topic, you dedicate enough time for it in part two.

The last section of your study schedule is part three. This is just for revision. You don’t introduce anything new here. It so happens that students sometimes bring new reference books just before the exams. Maybe your classmate does it too. But don’t pay any attention. You are sorted because you have gone through your textbook and the NCERT solutions. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. But trying something new just before the exam will only confuse you and might make you forget a few key concepts. Therefore, stick to your notes.

Don’t Confuse Yourself With Too Many References

What generally happens is that students think that the more the references, the better the marks. But, sadly that’s not the case. Everyone has a unique style of presenting the information and this extends to references and guides. So, the more the references, the more styles of answering you are exposed to, which will only end up confusing you where you won’t be able to retain any information. Therefore, stick to NCERT. NCERT solutions are accurate and reliable since the CBSE board prescribes them. The answers are straight and to the point.

Divide it Between Morning and Evening

You can follow this tip even if you aren’t a morning person. So, every evening keep it for your textbook and class notes studies and in the morning, revise the same thing on NCERT. This will help you cover them both without wasting too much time. In the morning, you don’t have to dedicate more than an hour if you are someone who studies regularly. And, on the weekends, cover the remaining portions if any or go through your notes.

Make NCERT Notes

Another thing you can do to make your journey easier is to make notes from your NCERT solutions. NCERT is also concise and precise, and you can further filter it down and create a crisp set of notes to refer to every now and then. Keep your notes clean and neat and have a separate book for every subject.

What are the advantages of using NCERT Solutions?

Some of the main advantages of using the NCERT solutions to prepare for your exams include;

  • All the questions and answers, even from the exercises of your textbook, are available in the NCERT solutions. So, you don’t have to waste time searching for the answers throughout the textbook
  • The answers provided are to the point and helps the student understand the quality that’s expected from them during their board exams.
  • NCERT solutions are available from class four. So, it is always better to make use of them from a young age as it will help students grasp more and do well in their exams.
  • The NCERT solutions are designed by experts of that particular subject. So, all the information that is provided is accurate and written only after dedicated research.
  • The solutions are available chapter-wise and subject-wise.
  • The entire syllabus is covered in NCERT.
  • The language used is very simple and easily understandable.

Now you not only know the plethora of benefits that NCERT has to offer, but you also know the right way to prepare for your exams to score well. Follow these tips and you will definitely score great marks. Also remember, study regularly as that’s the most important factor to help you ace your exams.