Prepaidgiftbalance .Com – What is Prepaidgiftbalance.Com?

Mind-blowing advances in technology have shown us that carrying cash is old-fashioned and a bit risky at the same time. You cannot keep track of your cash payment history, cash can be lost and stolen.

Today, we’ll be talking about Prepaidgiftbalance.Com, an online website for checking the balance of your prepaid gift cards that can only be used in the United States.

The best alternative to cash, which are cards, makes life easier. We can keep track of our transactions, check our balance and never have to worry about saving a change. However, we have the stress of losing our card, but it can be easily secured by calling customer service. We will inform you about the mentioned website, its benefits and how to activate your account on it in some very basic steps.

What is Prepaidgiftbalance.Com?

One of the latest types of cards to become popular is prepaid gift cards. As the name suggests, they are transactional cards that contain a limited balance that is already paid for by the cardholder. These cards cannot be used at an ATM to withdraw cash.

These cards are now offered by individual stores and can only be used to purchase from the respective online stores or websites. However, the hectic task is remembering the balance of these cards, and this is the reason why exactly the mentioned website was registered. is an online website to help you track the balance of some of your prepaid gift cards such as Visa and Mastercard gift cards online.

How to activate the card on Prepaidgiftbalance.Com?

Follow the simple instructions given to activate and log into the website:

• Visit the official website.

• Register by entering all the required details in the New User section.

• To activate your account, enter the 16-digit number on the card with the password you want to set.

• After a successful login and first prepaid gift card payment, you will be able to check your balance and track your payment history.

Remember the fact that the website and cards are available for the exclusive use of residents of the United States. The cards and the website are not for international use.

Customer Reviews:

Prepaidgiftbalance.Com was registered on Jan 26, 2016 and is quite popular with US residents.

Some people find the website very suspicious due to all the important details it asks for. One user mentioned that the website appears very incomplete and that he has no intention of logging into it. And another user responded to the above user by mentioning that the websites appear to be fake and fraudulent because the owner of these websites does not focus on them and has used the website often without any problem. comment section below.

Final verdict:

Prepaidgiftbalance.Com is an online website used to track the balance of your prepaid gift cards. Only US residents can access it because it is not an international website. You can easily follow the steps mentioned to activate your card on it. It allows easy-to-use online access to manage and check your prepaid gift card balances.