Premium and Affordable LG Smart TV: Have An Overlook

Entertainment is just like a staple food. It is a great way to unwind oneself after a day of the crammed schedule. How do you want to stay entertained? Most people prefer watching TVs. Do you belong to the bracket? If yes, think about buying an LG smart TV if you don’t have it at home.

Smart TV is the latest craze in the market. When it comes to smart TVs, LG is the brand that is rocking in the ring. The brand has a strong presence across the global market. They have lapped up praise for the innovative and intuitive technology incorporated into the latest launches to ensure an immersive experience for the viewers.

The task of making the right pick from a galaxy of smart TVs is pretty difficult. You will get spoilt for a choice! So, what to do? First, prepare a list of the BEST and the LATEST in different categories (for example, Premium, affordable, etc). Next, trim the list through the filter of your budget. Lastly, assess your requirements and read reviews on the authentic sites.

This article chooses and categorizes the LG smart TVs based on the two most important criteria – Price and Performance. Go through the rest of it to have an overview of the most premium and affordable smart TVs from the brand LG.

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Premium LG TVs


LG ZX is the 2020 flagship offering from LG. LG GX sports a slim design. The TV resembles a picture frame is mounted on the wall as the flat model sits flushed with your wall.

The OLED TV features a high resolution of 8K. This single feature speaks volumes for the clarity and quality of images. Stand an inch away from the screen and still, you won’t be able to make out the pixels. Can you imagine how immersive your entertainment experience will be? It’s beyond the wildest imagination of any sane mind.

The OLED TV delivers excellent viewing angles and amazing color outputs. The model runs on the company’s alpha 9 Gen 3 AI Processor. It’s AI-supported upscaling brings lifelike images on the screen. This lg smart tv runs on the brand’s famous WebOS platform, which is undoubtedly the best in its domain. The platform supports Netflix, Prime Video, and other popular streaming services.

It houses a home dashboard that allows you to control your home appliances through the comfort and convenience of the TV. However, such an amazing control is possible only if your home appliances feature smart compatibility.

The model supports HLG, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. The TV’s HDMI ports are compatible with HDMI 2.1 full bandwidth. It means these ports support Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and 4K at 120Hz. The smart TV also supports eARC for soundbars and your home theatres.

This LG smart TV supports both NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSync. LG’s Magic Remote that the model comes with is easy to use. If budget is not a constraint for you, it must top your wishlist.


This smart TV shares similarities with GI OLED which features a new Evo panel. But if the cost comes into consideration, CI makes a better choice. Like all OLEDs, this smart model’s self-lit pixels can switch off individually and thus, produces pitch-perfect blacks and a near-infinite contrast ratio with invisible blooming. It is an amazing feature that makes the TV a great choice for darkroom movie watching or gaming.

The instantaneous response is another striking feature of LG CI OLED. The feature produces an amazingly smooth motion in video games and sports. The gaming aficionados cannot help but fall in love with this smart TV for its low input lag, four HDMI 2.1 ports, and VRR support.

Affordable LG TV

In the budget category, the best LG smart TV is LG UP7000. The entry-level model finds its place below LG UP8000, which may feel a little bit costly for budget-conscious buyers. LG UP7000, despite incorporating some basic features, delivers good quality pictures. If you are looking for something simple but special at a pocket-friendly price, it will bring you a satisfying viewing experience for watching sports or shows.

The 65 inch tv model comes with an IPS-like panel whereas 50 and 70-inch versions feature VA panels. The UP7000 runs on the same WebOS platform as other models but features a basic remote that does not come with a mic for voice control. Still, you will get plenty of downloadable apps in the app store.

Are you on a shoestring budget? Don’t worry; LG has an offer for every pocket. If you need funding for an expensive purchase, Bajaj Finserv EMI Store offers an easy installment scheme tailored to your budget. If you wish to spice up your entertainment experience, the EMI Scheme will make it happen. Go and get it!