Prada Sneakers: An Honest Comprehensive Review And Why You Should Buy It

Prada as a brand has proven itself to hold a special place in the fashion industry. It has been over a hundred years now, and the brand has been crafting beautiful fashion merchandise ranging from clothes to accessories from bags to shoes for everyone, men, women, and children. For anyone seeking the final experience of luxury, Prada is their ultimate stop. The reputation of Prada speaks well for itself, and there is hardly any convincing required to make anyone believe so.

The impeccable collection of fashion goods by the brand speaks for itself. The technique of their making, the quality of products used, the excellent craftsmanship, and the latest styles make Prada stand out in this fashion industry.

Here is a genuine question. Is the brand reputation enough to make it have a place in your closet?

That is not an easy question to answer. However, there is no harm in getting to know the brand you look forward to investing in.

Here is all you need to know about Prada and its sneakers to make up your mind to own them.

The History of Prada

The great Italian brand Prada was introduced and established over a hundred years ago. That was a long time ago when there were not many fashion houses prevailing, and those that were ceased to exist. This Italian brand was founded by Mario Prada, in 1913 with the first store opened in Milan.

Initially, this first store dealt with trunks, leather accessories, travel accessories, steamers, and much more. The great brand was in the spotlight somewhere in 1919 when it was titled the official supplier of the Italian royal house, the Italian royal family.

The tale relates to Prada’s Logo, a triangle that represents the house of Savoy’s coat of arms. Even after being in business for over 100 years, the original Prada logo lives on and gloriously.

The Expansion of Prada

Here is an interesting fact about the brand:

Mario Prada had an orthodox mindset and believed that women were not to work or have a career. He thought that women were only supposed to stay at home and indulge in household chores only. He had considerable plans of advancing his thriving business to his son. However, when the time came, his son showed no interest in carrying on the family business. That was when Mario’s daughter Luisa Prada came into the picture. She inherited the business and ran it successfully for over 20 years. Luisa played an appreciable role in making Prada what it is today.

Surely, Prada had established its identity in the fashion industry while it was managed by Maria’s daughter, Luisa.

However, it was her daughter Miuccia who turned it into a household name, known by everyone. She got involved in the business somewhere in the 1970s, and she was the one who introduced luxury handbags and luggage bags under the name of the brand. Soon after her active involvement in the business, she collaborated with Patrizio Bertelli that marked the beginning of the new era for a brand that went on to greater heights achieving new milestones now and then. In 1979, they launched the luxury footwear range that was instantly infatuated by everyone.

Soon after, Prada had its stores in many places, including Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, and London. these stores were exceptionally known for the elated and the luxury experience of shopping in them

Acquiring many brands like Church’s, Miu Miu, Pasticceria Marches, Car shoe, etc., on the way, Prada resides at the core of the fashion industry, and it has been a significant influence over it.

The comfort of Prada sneakers

Prada is a renowned brand, exceptionally loved by the youth. Prada sneakers that reek of luxury and comfort are cherished and sought after by people globally. The air technology used in their craftsmanship makes them exceptionally comfortable and ultimately irresistible to all fashion seekers.

What more could we want than looking stylish while being at ease? Well, Prada sneakers make it effortlessly possible for us.

If you do not want to merely take our word for it, visit their store and try them on. And once you do, there is no going back. You’re surely coming back home with a snappy pair of sneakers by Prada.

The durability of Prada sneakers

Majorly known for their durability, Prada sneakers are in no way ordinary. Many people go for Prada sneakers, especially when looking for a pair that will last very long.

Prada sneakers are made with excellent techniques and with the use of high-quality materials like calfskin or nylon. If you take care of them properly, you will be able to flaunt them for a very long time.

Ever since the America Cup sneakers from 1998, Prada has never failed to impress. That was the first excellent sneaker dipped in luxury but not the last. Since then, Prada has come a long way, going higher with every leap and step.

Owing to their classic style, available in all sorts of color combinations, and intricate details that are in trend, you will hardly ever get bored of their look either.

If needed, we can discuss the qualities and features of Prada sneakers endlessly. The glorious collection has given us plenty of masterpieces that stole the show.

However, there is hardly any convincing required while choosing to buy a pair of Prada sneakers.

If you’re looking for reasons, precisely, they are appreciable in all terms.

They have top-notch designs, latest features, and are supremely comfortable. They are worth every penny. They will last much longer than your other pairs of sneakers. Their making is impeccable, just like every other Prada product.

While there are endless reasons why you should definitely buy Prada sneakers, there are hardly any that’ll tell you to not.

Don’t wait further, and check out their latest collection today for the best-ever sneakers.