Practice management software in Australia: Remote hosted vs cloud

With the recent move towards more flexible working, we’ve seen a demand for remote practice management software in Australia. Increasingly, traditional, on-premise servers are not equipped to meet the changing demands of Australian healthcare practitioners and their patients especially when it comes to flexibility. To solve this, many practices are moving to cloud-based software, while others are moving their desktop to a remote server.

While they might seem the same, there are some important differences between remote hosted solutions and true cloud-based software. By understanding these differences, you can make the best decision for your practice. 

With true cloud there’s no physical server

While you can access your server remotely using remote hosted software, you still have a physical server and will have to deal with maintenance and upgrades yourself (or by paying a third-party IT provider to do it for you). With a cloud-based solution, you don’t have a server at all. All your data is stored in a secure, cloud-based server and your provider takes care of all maintenance and upgrades.

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Because you don’t have a physical server, you don’t need to worry about bandwidth. When you have a physical server, it can be a problem if a lot of users try to log in at once and you may need to pay more to increase your bandwidth. With a cloud-based solution, everything is managed and hosted for you in the cloud so there’s no need to worry. 

Backups and updates are automatic with cloud software

Are you fed up spending time and money backing up and upgrading your practice management software? Australia has constantly changing legislation and it’s important for practices to keep up. With a remote hosted solution this means regular time spent downloading and installing updates on all your computers and often, paying a third-party IT provider to handle this process for you. 

If your software is cloud-based, your provider will take care of all maintenance and upgrades for you. It can all be done in the background so there won’t be any disruption to your day to day work, you’ll just notice the changes have been made when you next log in. You’ll save on IT costs and feel confident that your software is always up to date and equipped with the latest features, functionality and security

Scaling is easier with the cloud

Unlike remote desktop, the cloud isn’t tied to any physical infrastructure so it’s easy to scale up and down without having to invest a lot of time or money. All you need to do is add or remove users and you’ll be up and running. This will help your practice grow as well as reducing unnecessary costs if you need to decrease your number of employees for any reason. 

Remote desktop software may be a viable short-term solution but over the long term, many practices find they are better off using true cloud software. With the cloud you get greater flexibility, better security, fewer IT costs and easier updates, making the cloud the ideal choice for practice management software in Australia.