Practical Study Tips To Pass CCNA 200-301 Certification Exam

CCNA, or The Cisco Certified Network Associate, is one of the most demanding and most challenging exams in the IT sector. In addition to that, it is also a respected certification that helps the candidate with an excellent Career Option. Furthermore, the certification proves the candidate’s ability to configure, operate, troubleshoot, switch, and rout. As you might already know, Passing CCNA is no joke at all. We have compiled a few tips and guidelines to help you with your CCNA 200-301 exam.

Create A Study Plan

Create your custom study plan for your CCNA exam. It’s a well-known fact that when we plan from the start, we are likely to achieve what we plan for. When you create a study plan, you will be able to do things in an organized manner. Even a simple to-do list is enough if you are not highly inclined to follow your study plan.

Use your spare time

If you are already committed to a job, ensure that you can spare enough time to dedicate to the basics of the exam, covering all exam topics, taking practice tests, and reviewing exam simulations. It would be best to use your spare time to study instead of studying for a single day within a week.

Study the officially certified materials

Get your hands on the official study materials and training courses. This will help you have a comprehensive idea of the exam’s required topics. One of the best recommendable options is to follow the official Cisco Exam books during your preparation. It has all the necessary topics you will be requiring in your exam.

Choose the best study method that you prefer.

Choose the training method that suits you. At the same time, it can be on your own or with a mentor. You will get plenty of mentors online to supervise and help with your studies. In case you want to prepare on your own. Go for multiple certified study materials and take suggestions from people who had attended the exam previously. You can connect with them through the available social media community.

200-301 dumps

CCNA Dumps, aka braindumps, are questions that have been taken from the previous copyrighted Cisco examination. There will be 50 Dumps on your exam. You can find these dumps on the interest or buy materials on it. Studying dumps is a beneficial addition to your study. However, instead of memorizing these dumps, consider studying them for actuality to grasp a comprehensive idea about the question you will face. Simply memorizing those questions will surely help you pass the examination. Still, you won’t be able to retain any information if you don’t try to understand the core of the question.

CCNA certification exam prep course

Even if you prefer to study independently, get yourself enrolled in a CCNA certification exam preparation course. By joining the course, you will be able to learn about things that might not be known on your own. Having an instructor by your side is always a plus point. It will speed up your learning and equip you with chances to do better performance in the examination.


The exam will be 2 hours long, and you will be provided with 120 questions. That will give you one minute per question. Use your time effectively. Don’t study till the last second before the exam. Get yourself a good night’s sleep before the examination to relax your mind. The most important thing is to remain calm and believe in yourself. By doing so, you will be at your best in the examination.