Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Tells Top Reasons to Choose Residential Care Homes

Know About Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi

Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi is a famous Dementia Healthcare specialist in the United Kingdom who is serving people with care and happiness. The nursing care home organized and managed by him in the United Kingdom helps the residents to leave their near and dear ones to get extra love and care from them. They help to get them a space where they can feel as they are at their place. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi is helping people for the past 15 years. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare shares the reasons why should you choose Residental Care Homes in the United Kingdom.


A lot of benefits come with residential care homes and it serves as an option whether your family member, relative, or a friend wants to join in there or not or wants to be no longer stay at home wants the support and care from residential care homes. It is very difficult to let your family member, relatives, and friends go away from you to residential homes but you must be happy knowing that residential care and care home serves great benefit to them though.

According to Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, the benefits they are provided by the care homes or residential care homes include many things but some are companionship, safety, timely meditation, calmness with peace of mind, and others. But it is your option to figure out the complete details about the residential care before staying in that care home. You must consider all the following benefits before moving into residential care homes.

Safe place:

Many people think that care homes are not good and safe for children, adults, or elder people. But that is incorrect. Though some care homes are there that do not provide complete safety to your members but before moving into care homes do consider all the features and benefits. Safety is the main thing that every family considers first and in care homes, some staff take care of people and perform 24 hours duty in looking after their people and members. It is very essential to look after safety first because at some period the elder people become elder and their senses may reduce in work.


In residential care homes, it gives us the benefit and opportunity to know someone whom we don’t know. It is very common and general that before moving to a care home we know that we have to live with strangers but some extroverts do not have any issues related to it, introverts generally face issues. So they become nervous about if they could be able to stay there or not. However, this is not true as care homes also provide us with the benefits related to this. As per Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, they help to create companionship between different types of people. You will get numerous opportunities to get connected with different types of people for the whole day. That also includes people of similar age, people fighting the same disease, and others.

Helps to encourage the mind:

It is very important for the members residing in care homes to keep their minds encouraging and healthy as they grow older and old. A healthy mind does not require aggressive exercise but normal yoga and exercise would be enough. Care homes benefit their members by encouraging the mind of the members and also encouraging those who are going through some disease. For that, care homes conduct regular exercises at residential care homes every day. This is to assure that the members are doing some activity in their whole day. They conduct activities like yoga, baking, shopping, art and craft, and many others.

Comfort zone:

All the people or members residing in the care home or residential care home will be provided with a total comfort zone for all of them. To make themselves more comfortable, a select healthcare group will provide a special and separate room for all the members so that they can call their room where they can do anything they like. They also offer an option to decorate their room lights, their favorite bedsheet, candles, furniture, photographs, frame, and others. It will be comfortable for them where they can also have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Those all were done to give a home feeling touch to their members.

Look after the medication process:

As per Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, medicines are very necessary to stay away from disease and if still, people are going through any disease then it is a must to maintain the timings of medicines. But sometimes it happens at home either we forget to take medicine or take it at the incorrect time. The care home people will benefit us by providing timely medicines to those who are patients or going through any type of disease. You can have full confidence in them that they will give them medicine at the correct time. Some care homes also have their separate department of medication that will take care of each member’s medicine routine and accurate dosages and timings.


Proper fresh food is another level of concern that will family members consider if the care homes are providing proper and fresh food or not and if they are providing then their loved ones are having or not. Care homes also take care of them related to meal matters and make sure that they intake as much nutrition as they can.

According to Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi former director of Abbey Healthcare, the living conditions at the care homes are also the best and most comfortable. So, you can consider moving to a care home.