Popular Types of Hair Clips & Ideas to Individualize Your Hairdo

Popular Types of Hair Clips are used for many reasons. They are mostly worn during hair styling and have various styles, colors, and materials. Why are these trendy? One reason is that they allow people to style their hair more easily. They are also more comfortable than traditional clips because they don’t pinch the head like other types of clips do. Recently, hair clips have been large because they are budget-friendly and easy to manipulate. They can pull back short hair or create a super-long style with JuvaBun extensions and bobby pins.

Tips for Using Hair Clips

To make yourself look outstanding, you must think out of the box. There are several different ways in which you can personalize your look with hair clips. Below are some ideas that you might find interesting:

  • Using unique clips as accessories on costumes or outfits will help you stand out from the crowd by adding a different twist to your outfit.
  • Using them to create a funky updo for an evening out: This is one way in which you can use them to make your night more memorable.
  • Finding innovative ways to combine certain types of clips with other outfits/accessories: This will help you match the overall vibe of the day’s outfit on almost every occasion. 

Popular Types of Hair Clips

  1. Claw Clip

Claw Clips are a type of hair clip originally designed to be used as a tool for clipping chicken claws. They can now be found on every corner of the globe and have become one of the most popular trends in hairstyles. The Claw Clip was first created in China, where people usually clip their chickens’ claws to prevent them from scratching. In 2016, Claw Clips became a trend in America thanks to the release of an iPhone case design that looks like a chicken claw. As more people started wearing the claw clip, more and more manufacturers like JuvaBun started producing them. Most women who wear clips choose to keep their hair short or above the collarbone length because they don’t want it dangling around their clippers or scissors during frequent use. 

  1. Snap Clip.

Snap Hair Clips have become the most preferred hair clips in 2018. The clips are made of plastic and are a perfect match for any outfit, on or off the go. The popularity of Snap Hair Clips is due to its different looks and features. It’s available in various colors and shapes, making it an attractive option for everyone. The clip’s versatility also makes it an efficient tool that can be used easily. Professionals such as stylists, barbers, hairdressers, and artists also utilize Snap Hair Clips for their work.

  1. Classic Hinged Barrettes.

Hinged Barrettes are head accessory that is most often worn with a bun. Some believe the style originated in the Middle East and some parts of Asia. There are multiple ways to wear this particular type of braid, which is why it’s so popular right now. We’re seeing more people wearing them casually, as an alternative to their normal hair, for their event’s headpiece, or any other creative reason. People have been seen wearing them as half updos, braids down the side of the head, and even both together! The popularity of Hinged Barrettes has skyrocketed recently, and there are so many different reasons behind this drastic change in trend. It’s possible that it could be because of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid. 

  1. Banana Clip.

Banana Clips can be used in many different ways. They come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Some of them are big, and some are small. Banana Clips vary in form, texture, and material. Nowadays, kids have started wearing these clips on their ears to show off their individuality and to do something a little different from what the trends usually do. People are starting to see the trend as a way of being creative, and one can start wearing it for fashion purposes as well. It is an easy way of expressing oneself without having to spend hours styling your hair or putting on make-up every day.

  1. Double Prong Curl.

The Double Prong Curl is a type of hairstyle that has been gaining popularity recently. People have been styling their hair in this way for over 200 years, but it was not until the mid-2000s that it became popular. It is also one of the most diverse types of hairstyles out there with many variations. In recent years, styles like this have experienced some momentum as they are more convenient to care for and create less maintenance than others, like braid styles with JuvaBun extensions. Other than convenience, people find these styles more versatile for creating different looks by adding extensions or braids to them.