Popular Lab Grown Diamonds shapes that stand out.

Considering getting ready for marriage? Before you pop “the will you marry me?” we generally propose doing a bit “surveillance”! Generally asking a companion or in any event, dropping a clue to see which lab grown diamonds shape is her #1. After all a diamond comes in all shapes and sizes!

A diamond can be cut into all most any shape. Especially lab grown diamonds that are in general very flexible to customise. There are also colored diamonds available for a rarer look. In any case, there are a few shapes that are the most well-known: round, pad, oval, emerald, brilliant, princess, pear, heart and marquise. Underneath you will track down a profound plunge into the best 5!

Round Cut Diamond

Round cut takes the best position. As per data, over 60% of couples pick round lab grown diamonds for their middle stone. The round cut has been around since the 1800’s making it by a long shot the most famous without fail. The round splendid diamonds you see today were first cut by Russian mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. Today the shape has advance to incorporate significantly more aspects in specialty cut adjusts, as found in our SVS Signature 101 jewel that elements more than 101 features to catch a definitive fire and brightness.

The Lynn pendant along with New World Diamonds Marilyn earrings are the best example of round cut diamond jewelry. These are simple and elegant. A set that will go with whatever outfit you choose!

Cushion Cut Diamonds

This type of cut has been around for nearly 200 years. Once alluded to as an old mine cut, it is the mix of a square compromised. The cushion cut resurgence has grabbed hold due its ubiquity on Instagram. Numerous ladies are drawn to the unique collectible feel of the cut joined with new current cutting strategies that give lab grown diamonds a new allure! James Allen lab diamonds exemplify this trend, offering a blend of vintage charm and contemporary precision.

Oval Cut Diamonds

This cut that has been around since the fourteenth century. Idealized by Jewelers International Hall of Fame part Lazare Kaplan. This staggering stretched cut can streak as much fire as a round cut with its 58 aspects.

One reason it has blast in notoriety again is the normal 1 carat oval precious stone has 10% bigger surface region than the normal 1 carat round jewel causing it to seem bigger. 

Emerald Cut Diamonds

This cut has been around since the 1500’s. Emerald cut jewels are intense and exemplary. They permit the wearer to show the genuine nature of their diamond. Since emerald cut lab grown diamonds highlight a stage cut (equal lines that running along the length) the arrangement of its features create a wonderful “corridor of mirrors” impact flaunting a jewels lucidity. Emerald slice precious stones for the most part have 57 to 58 features. Some of these are lab created colored diamonds and they are truly stunning! Ladies love that emerald cut diamonds do seem bigger than different cuts since it is a stretched stone. Emerald cuts regularly make your finger look slim and longer as well!

The Lola Ring is a stunning emerald cut diamond from New World Diamonds. Along with it’s unique shape this ring is one of our colored diamonds. For a simpler look, the Bonnie Ring is our go to. It screams class and quality.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Newer to the scene than the best 4 referenced previously. The brilliant cut originally became famous during the disco period of the 70’s. The actual cut is a type of a mixture, similiar to the princess cut and an emerald cut. This permits a brilliant slice to have probably the most fire and shimmer of any cut available.