Google now includes many services that are ready to offer a variety of services. Almost all applications that you use have an analog from Google. Not all of them are popular with users, because they are an inconvenient version of more common programs, and some people in our country simply did not like them. Next, let’s take a look at some of the Google services that you can install on your smartphone.


Gmail is a free email sending service from Google. This service has been functioning almost from the very foundation of the company. The thing is that it is mail that is used for registration in other applications of the company, being a connecting link. Thus, the company manages to create its own ecosystem, the elements of which are able to interact and synchronize with each other. A mail account is required for other Google services, so now the total number of Gmail users is more than 1.8 billion people. The app’s logo is a big M in traditional Google colors.

The application is actively developing: recently, a comprehensive update of the mail service was carried out, which made it stand out from the background of others. Now Gmail is more concerned with the security of user data. When you receive a dubious email, which is quite possibly of a phishing nature, i.e. after clicking on the links your data will be stolen, you will see a large warning warning against dangerous actions.

Now you can send confidential letters. They differ in the following:

• The letter has its own validity period, after which it will be automatically deleted;

• The data is encrypted and to get to the content, the recipient must pass two-factor authentication;

• The contents of the letter cannot be copied, forwarded, downloaded, or printed.

The new system for sorting letters allows you to more efficiently organize your workflow. Depending on the chosen mail operation scheme, letters will be sorted in a convenient format. Now you can search for messages containing a specific type of file or by keywords. There is a “postpone” function. It allows you to temporarily delete the message, but after a while it will appear in the list again.

Also, the service now uses artificial intelligence. It helps users remember old emails and effectively sorts new ones. For example, if a user does not read a message for several days, the system will raise it to the top of the list and offer to read it. The AI ​​is configurable, so you can set the type of emails or senders for this feature. Now you can reply with quick short messages like “Thank you”, “Read later”, etc. right from the notification menu without being distracted by the app.

Google photos

Google photos is a cloud storage for photos. In addition, it allows you to edit photos within the service and share them with other users. The main feature of the storage is that it is distributed free of charge. You can store an unlimited number of videos and photos there. But there are some small limitations:

• Video in quality up to 1080p;

• Photo in quality up to 16 megapixels.

For higher quality, a paid version is provided. Overall, the app is a great way to offload your phone’s memory from old photos that take up a lot of space. The service logo is a turntable with rounded corners in the company’s corporate colors. Now this application is used by many users, so it’s worth figuring out why it attracted them so much.

The main feature of Google photos is smart search. Each photo is analyzed in a multi-step mode, receiving special tags to further facilitate the search. Thus, by writing in the search for “2011 Alps cows” you will get the very photo. The neural network is actively developing and is capable of showing incredible results.

In addition to all this, the service acts as a convenient photo editor, as well as a way to quickly share new pictures with friends and family.

Google maps

Google maps is a mapping service created by Google for its ecosystem. It conveniently syncs with other apps in the company to send geo-points to different locations. The logo of the maps is a placemark icon with a circle in the middle, made in the colors of Google.

Navigation and maps work offline. To do this, you need to preload the required region. A fairly well-known feature of Google Maps is the ability to view street panoramas. Special vehicles with 360 cameras captured large areas. Now you can remotely look at the streets of the city and explore the area without leaving your home.