Podcasting using Your Laptop

Podcasts are portable in nature, but when you use an laptop in hand, it’s thinking about packing the studio and working from a remote the go. Therefore, you’d like to create an podcast with high-quality studio sound however, you’d like at least one mic, and to have some control over the volume. This is why you’d prefer to purchase preamplifiers or a preamp. To know what a preamp does you need to know some additional technical aspects regarding microphones.

Microphones, whether they are dynamic or condenser, record its signals on microphone-level. This signal comes by the internal diaphragm that moves around against a wire coil’s magnet producing the electrical signals. It’s a pure signal but it’s extremely weak. The best audio recordings are recorded not at mic-level but lines-level. Line-level signals are emitted from electric guitars keyboards, and various other instruments. If you want to get a weaker mic-level signal to be amplified to line-level level, you have provide it with a fast kick-in-the-pants. Preamps, often is a separate unit or integrated into an audio mixer board or USB microphone, gives this kick that brings the mic’s signal up to line level with no noise the signal.

Now that you are aware of what a preamp does and what it can do, what are some possibilities to consider?

Mackie Onyx Blackjack

This Mackie Onyx Blackjack gives you the power and dependability of a mixer, in an extremely compact and small size. The greatest benefit of using this preamp is that it is completely latency-free when recording. That means there’s no delay between speaking and also hearing your voice when recording. You can alter the settings for the buffer of Blackjack to increase the speed of processing on your computer and also.

Blackjack also has podcasters available:

  • A prepamp bus that is powered via USB
  • Two XLR connections delivering 48V phantom power
  • A 25-degree angle by design, which allows to see the entire control panel at all times.
  • A chassis made of metal that gives you the Blackjack “built-like-a-tank” durability
  • The onboard conversion from analog to digital will give your amplified signal the most minimal distortion and noise.

Shure MVi

Shure Audio is no stranger to setting the bar in audio engineering and recording when considering the importance and importance of its audio equipment. With the popularity in podcasts, Shure set out to make equipment that could record high-quality sound. The MVI is a small preamp that is powered by USB and ready to charge any microphone (or microphones that you have splitters) as you would expect.

The MVi provides a portable best podcast laptop:

  • USB connection for simple plug-and play and optional iOS connectivity for iPhones and iPads
  • The touch-sensitive panel lets you control five different DSP settings including headphone volume, headphone volume, and much more.
  • Built-in headphone jack for real-time monitoring
  • One XLR connection that provides a 48V phantom power option

The Shure MVi is able to serve as a preamp to two microphones powered via USB like onyx blackjack. Onyx Blackjack.