Play Online Casino Games for Free With Mega888 Test ID

If you want to play any of the other thrilling, high-quality games that Mega888 offers to its members, but you do not want to deposit real money, why not use Mega888 Test ID? With Mega888 Test ID, members can place a bet on any game of their choice without having to deposit any money. This makes it the best choice for players who want to play casino games but are scared of losing money.

How to Use the Mega888 Test ID to Play Online Casino Games For Free

The first thing is to do the Mega888 download after which you can now log in with the ID details provided below. Once you do this, you can play any game you want for free without the need to deposit any money at all. This is the ID details that you will need to log in to the account:

Account: test1 – test 10000, Password: Aa1234

Note that you cannot enter the user ID as “test1 – test 10000.” You must choose a user test ID  between 1 and 10,000. Since there are 10,000 different user IDs for players to choose from, members do not have to wait in a queue before they can play. For example, you can choose user ID 4562 and log in without any problem as long as no one else is using that number at the moment. Immediately after you log in, you get 2,000 free credits in your account. You can use these free credits to play any game of your choice. These credits are refilled every day you log in, and if you do not spend all of them, they will be added to your account the following day.

Remember that you can not withdraw any amount won while playing with test accounts. However, you can play anytime you like and for an unlimited period of time. Any time you are unable to log in to the test ID account, reach out to the Mega888 customer care team. You can use the live chat feature at the bottom right-hand corner, or other alternatives like email, telephone, etc.

Why Should You Use The Mega888 Test ID?

Mega888 is one of the most trusted online Malaysian casinos. The platform is very popular because of the large selection of online slots machines that are available for its members to enjoy. However, there are certain players who want to test these slots games but do not want to lose real money. For this reason, Mega888 is helping people like you place risk-free bets by using the test ID. This feature allows anyone to enjoy full access to Mega888 slots as well as other casino games without having to make any kind of deposit.

You can use the test ID feature to check which games fit your playing style and which ones have the largest winnings. Some new players use it to learn how to play some online casino games before finally betting with real money. If you are an existing Mega888 member, you can use a test account to test new strategies in your favorite games.

Games To Play With Mega888 Test ID

If you are new to Mega888 online casino and you are not sure of which games to play using the test ID, here are two games to try out:

Da Sheng Nao Hai

Da Sheng Nao Hai has become very popular among online casino players because it has great animation and gameplay, a brilliant soundtrack, and exciting themes. Players can also win huge prizes because they have large score multipliers. Another reason why many Malaysian gamblers enjoy Da Sheng Nao Hai is that it has multiplayer functionality. It is a thrilling combination of fishing and slots, and the objective is to shoot as many sea creatures as you can with as little ammunition as possible. The amount of ammunition you get depends on your bet amount. However, when you defeat a sea creature, you also get its ammunition.

The game has very few rules which makes it quite simple to play. It also has an in-built aim and automatic operation buttons, which makes it easy to shoot. When you defeat any creature, you earn credits. There are some special creatures which will give you unique credits, but you will need more ammunition to defeat these creatures. The most difficult sea creature to defeat in the game is the golden dragon, which is also known as Da Sheng. If you are able to defeat this creature, you will get huge winnings.

Sun Wukong Slot (Monkey King Slot)

This is a 5-reel, 15-payline slot game and the theme is derived from the Chinese legendary Monkey King. One of the best things about this game is that it has four progressive jackpots for players to win. Sun Wukong offers players a fair chance of winning. The five reels and fifteen paylines mean that players can win at any time. You will also find the payline numbers on both sides of the reels, which makes it convenient for new players. The Sun Wukong slot has brilliant graphics. It allows players to go on an adventure with the Monkey King and get huge winnings on the journey. To win big, players only have to match 2–5 icons on any of the 15 paylines. The Monkey King is the Wild Symbol and it gives the biggest payout.

There are plus and minus icons which players can use to choose the number of paylines they want to wager on and how many coins per line. Players can bet as little or as high as they want, so it is available for those that want to spin for a little or those looking to win the jackpot. Apart from the progressive jackpot, there are three levels of bonuses on Sun Wukong. These bonuses offer players extra spins and multipliers. The bonuses are Valley of Sun, which gives 20 free plays and a 2x multiplier. The Mountain of Fruit gives 10 free spins and a 4x multiplier. Finally, the Kingdom of Heaven bonus gives 8 extra spins and a 5x multiplier. If you wish to know how to play mega888 slot games in the best way, you can click here  for the details.


By now, you should understand how the Mega888 Test ID works and how to get access to it. So download the Mega888 app, register your account and start playing for free now.