Every house that has a child or children should have at least one baby play mat. It goes without saying that the primary purpose of a play mat is to offer a cushioned and non-slipery surface upon which your children can run and play, but a play mat can also serve a variety of other functions as well. If you want to ensure that your child develops both a healthy mind and a healthy body, you should encourage them to play with a variety of objects that range in size and form.

In this article, we are going to discuss:

  • How are our mats different?
  • How do sensory play mats for kids help their muscles grow?
  • Which mat is best for your baby’s muscle growth?

How do sensory play mats for kids help their muscles grow?

Our textured play mats for kids are based on the surfaces we walk on in nature. They encourage your child to use their muscles and joints while stimulating their bare feet. It is known that barefoot stimulation can wake up muscles in the feet and legs that might not be used much because we walk on flat surfaces most of the time.

Most of the time, we walk on sidewalks, tarmac, and wooden floors. The different textures of our bodies, on the other hand, wake up the nerves in our feet. With the help of orthopaedic experts, we’ve made play mats for kids that actively help with problems like flat feet and knocked knees. This way, your child’s feet will grow in the right way. See more from our website.

How are our mats different?

You can probably find a sensory mat in any hospital you visit. Physiotherapists and other medical professionals use sensory mats for the treatment of a variety of physical health conditions and injuries. Our mats are designed in such a way that they can be undoubtedly used in sensory conditions without any doubt.

Our product design is based on science. Working with orthopaedic experts and drawing on our founders0′ personal experience in professional sports and physiotherapy, we make products that are more than just a fun idea. Our customers see improvements in their children’s development, and some of them even feel better when they use their children’s play mats to relieve foot pain and other ailments.

Which mat is best for your baby muscles growth?

We classify our goods as either “soft” or “firm,” with the former providing more gentle support and the latter providing more direct physical exertion. Our children’s play mats range from grass and twigs to more football shapes and turtles, all organised by texture. See more

Grass-themed soft sensory play mat for children

The plush Grass tile was developed to provide a stimulating experience for the foot’s planar muscles while also removing load from specific areas of the foot to assist in the alleviation of leg fatigue and the reduction of swelling.

Icicles-a firm sensory play mat for children

These spiky pyramids have a firm structure but a bendable nature. The children’s play mat tiles known as Icicle are intended to treat flat feet as well as a variety of other foot conditions.

The spikes, which work in a manner that is analogous to acupuncture, have the ability to alleviate tiredness, increase blood circulation, and provide a profound foot massage.

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