plastic free online store
plastic free online store

Almost every product that we purchase is made out of plastic or is packaged in plastic. As we continue to buy products of any kind, the numbers of our waste continuously grow. We can find plastic everywhere. Most of the time, we can’t avoid using or buying plastic since they are cheaper and more convenient to use than other materials. However, we must know that this should not be a good thing, and we must put it to a stop.

What is Plastic?

Plastic is a polymer used to describe synthetic or semi-synthetic materials used in various industrial and household applications. They can be shaped when soft and hardened so that they can retain their shape. They are very versatile and have a low density, which is why they are also light-weight. They are also durable and resistant to harsh environments. They are widely used in some applications like packaging, building and construction, transportation, electronics, agriculture, healthcare, sports and recreation, and energy.

The Danger of Using Plastic

Yes, plastics are very easy, cheap, and versatile to use, but their negative effects on our environment and humans can be seriously damaging. 

  • Plastics do not decompose

If we continue to consume plastic, it will never go away; the numbers will continue to add up and grow. This event would be bad, especially during natural disasters like storms because the plastics suspended in the street canals could cause flooding.

  • They affect our health

We are always exposed to our surroundings. If we get exposed to the toxic chemicals that leach out of plastics, serious health hazards can happen like cancer, birth defects, weak immunity, etc.

  • Plastics endanger marine life and wildlife

Sometimes, they end up on land and bodies of water like the ocean. Plastic is very harmful to all creatures because it pollutes our seas, lakes, forests, etc. These creatures can ingest plastics, which is also very dangerous for us humans because we are consumers of most animals.

Alternatives to Plastic Products and Packaging

It is good that there are people every day who wake up and suddenly change their perspectives about using plastic. A lot of people have already converted into plastic-free lives. Although eliminating plastics would seem a little impossible, we can still choose to lessen our plastic footprints. We can find these alternatives in a plastic free online store. From there, we can purchase products that are guaranteed plastic-free and organic. Also, here are some other ways on how we can lessen our plastic wastes:

  • Bring your utensils

Most fast-food restaurants use disposable utensils, which only end up in the dump. Why don’t you try bringing your spoon, fork, and knife? You can also bring your tumbler so that you can avoid buying numerous bottled drinks. There are also plastic straws alternatives like metal or bamboo straws that we can reuse each time we buy beverages.

  • Use a reusable eco-bag when shopping

Doing this will also lessen the burden of carrying a lot of plastic bags on our hands. Try bringing your own bag every time you go grocery shopping or run errands.

  • Try switching to organic solid bar shampoo and conditioners

However, if you think they are not very suitable for you, buy bottled shampoo and conditioners or other toiletries. Using the sachet ones can only cause more garbage.

  • Use composting bin for your leftovers or any biodegradable materials

This way, we lessen the use of plastic garbage bags, and we also recycle our organic matter that can be transformed into fertilizer that can enrich the soil.

Remember, try switching to alternatives and find organic products in a plastic free online store. We have to lessen our wastes as much as we can. We are the stewards of all creations. We must not do anything to destroy our nature. Instead, let us keep on finding ways to contribute to our environment’s betterment. 


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