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Plasma Cutter Lotus specializes in customer experience and key offers for various high-quality Lotus Plasma Backs. Lotus is a leading brand in modern hand and automated Plasmacutjunction plasma cutting systems, offering high performance, reliability, and flexibility. Thanks to the excellent productivity displayed by Lotus Plasma Cutters, this flagship brand has received an amazing response from consumers, such as giving a total of 10 points on 10 scales. However, before buying a high-performance lotus. There are many important factors that can be covered by plasma backups and reviews, which can have a significant impact on your purchasing decision. Don’t worry, the feedback and suggestions play a positive role in making Lotus more user-friendly.

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Lotus Plasma Arc Backs and Welders are state-of-the-art brands with state-of-the-art and efficient converter engineering technology, leading the world in plasma backing cutting lots for productivity, flexibility, reliability, and value. All Lotus Plasma Cutting models are packed with high-tech features that make them easy to operate in both industrial and everyday work. Lotus plasma cutters are uniquely designed with incredible functionality and advantages and are designed to cut hardened steel, mild steel, molten steel, aluminum, copper and other metals more easily. Features of Plasma Cutting Review Lotus Features of Plasma Cutting are specific to Lotus and will be reviewed here.

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Lotus plasma arc cutters and welders are built with state-of-the-art and powerful electronic converter technology, and these plasma arc cutters specialize in a number of special features that are very much in the market, especially for high-performance cutting machines. This cutting tool converts 50 / 60Hz frequency from the electrical system to high connection power of more than 100 KHz. It facilitates the use of V-MOSFET technology, which converts the power supply into an amazing voltage to correct the current and reduces the voltage. Using reverse pulse width modulation technology, the inverter power supply generates a powerful DC welding current that allows accurate and easy cutting of all metal sheets.

Unlike traditional plasma arc cutters, Lotus Plasma Cutting System uses converter inverter technology, which reduces the weight and dimensions of the main transformer, making it efficiently compact and portable. Using the frequency cycle mode, you can easily ignite the spark without turning on the flashlight at any time. This significantly protects the power supply and increases the power and efficiency of the plasma flashlight.

Thus, considering the most important and reliable plasma arc in Lotus, you can summarize the key features of Lotus Plasma Cutting System as follows:

Reliability and stability

The most stable

Low noise

Energy efficiency


Soft cut

High cutting speed cutting

Lotus plasma boats

Lotus offers a wide range of automatic and manual plasma arc cutters with advanced technical features and high performance capabilities. Here are the most popular and widely used Lotus Plasma Back Skater models and their high performance features.

The Lotos LTP5000D is also available as a 50amp digital inverter IGBT pilot arc plasma cutter, with 110 / 220V and 50 / 60Hz automatic dual frequency or two voltage. Siemens is powered by Germany’s robust Infineon IGBT technology and has a unique PAPST state-of-the-art German cooling system. With its high efficiency and extremely powerful performance, the LPT5000D provides maximum cutting thickness ½ mm, and maximum cutting thickness mm in extremely light and modest times. It has high quality real lotus plasma cutting tools required for use and has one year warranty on service and parts.

Lotos Ultimate 60A IGBT Pilot ARC Plasma Cutter LTP6000 features a German cooling system and high quality IGBT technology with high cutting accuracy. With an input voltage of 200-240VAC, the power frequency for these plasma cutters is set to 50 / 60Hz, which works best under just 60Hz. The power factor is maintained at a significant level of 0.93 with an efficiency of about 85%.