Planet VPN

Planet VPN (virtual private network) encrypts your internet traffic on unsecured networks to protect your online identity, hide your IP address, and shield your online data. A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts real time internet data and sends it through a secure VPN tunnel in order to minimize the possibility of a third party tracking what the user does online. 

What is a VPN? 

When you connect to a VPN service, it authenticates your client (i.e., a computer or a smartphone) and applies an encryption protocol to all your internet traffic when you are connected to the VPN server. By using VPN, you will be able to create an encrypted “tunnel” that encrypts the data as it travels from your device to the VPN server. With this encryption, even when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network, your data is kept secure.

How does PLANET VPN work so well? 

Using a VPN can protect you from hackers and cybercriminals, as well as provide you with the kind of privacy that is easily lost when browsing the web. As a result of this solution, you’ll be protected from third parties looking to sell your data to advertisers, and your ISP won’t be able to do so. 

How can a VPN benefit me? 

The use of a VPN enables you to enhance your online privacy, security, and protection. By using a VPN, you are able to hide your IP address from cybercriminals, ISPs (internet service providers), snoopers, and hackers who may seek to steal your data. 

Planet VPN features: 

You can choose from 5 free locations 

Connecting does not require registration or personal information 1260+ servers · more than 60 countries · 5 continents 

DNS- and IP-leak protection 

Kill Switch technology 

OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols

256-bit encryption 

No logs or personal data collection 

No limits for free mode 

Up to 10 devices simultaneously

The free VPN protects your internet traffic through the use of AES (advanced encryption standard) encryption, keeping your data and identity protected – even if you are using public Wi-Fi connections. By using a new IP and virtual location, you’ll be able to avoid tracking and keep your data safe from prying eyes with no need for your data to be shared. 

Extra protection 24/7 

Need more than just a VPN? Threat Protection makes sure you don’t accidentally download malware or enter a malicious website. This PLANET VPN feature also blocks trackers and invasive ads to make your browsing safer and protects you from cyberthreats. 

When using public WiFi, the user becomes exposed and vulnerable to attackers. However, this does not mean that you need to give up a pleasant leisure time online in your favorite cafe – use Planet VPN in order to protect your personal data! 

Dark Web Monitor scans public data breaches when they happen. If your login credentials are leaked, it notifies you so you can act fast and secure your accounts. 

Enable the Kill Switch feature to prevent your data from being exposed if your VPN connection drops. Kill Switch will automatically shut off your internet connection if something goes wrong with your VPN. 

Data encryption and security with free VPN 

Planet VPN not only hides your real IP, but also securely encrypts your traffic going through the Internet. No one, not even your Internet Service Provider or the host of a public Wi-Fi hotspot can access the data you send and receive. 

How to Change and Hide IP address with Planet VPN 

Use Planet VPN, thanks to the VPN technology, your IP address will be safely hidden, and external services will see the address of the country that you selected once you connect! 

Internet connection speed 

Your internet connection speed will be determined by your device and the VPN protocols. Encrypting data can use up significant processing power. Check to see if your processor and router can handle a VPN without slowing down. Tools like Speedtest can measure a change in speed after you connect through a VPN. 

Is a VPN worth it? We use the internet to manage almost every aspect of our lives, from communication to financial and health records. 

Without proper precautions, our identities and personal data can be accessed by malicious third parties. 

Tools like PLANET VPNs can help keep your information secure and private while you’re online. Although there are multiple benefits of a VPN, it’s also important to follow other best practices for internet privacy.

Reasons expats should pick PLANET VPN 

Lightning fast browsing speeds 

A global server network 

Avoid local restrictions 

Access files remotely 

Expand your expat network with PLANET VPN

Advantages of a VPN 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re considering a VPN for personal use or for the use of your company, there are a variety of benefits associated with a VPN. 

You are empowered to share files securely with the help of a VPN, without having to worry that the content will be exposed or compromised in any way. Aside from that, you can also protect your identity and access the internet anonymously.  

You can use VPN services if you want to keep your IP address, passwords, location, and other identifying data from being collected by hackers or other “big data” collectors. Hence, if you wish to keep your information away from big tech companies and malicious attackers, a VPN might be the right choice for you.  

And some of the best benefits of a VPN? They’re affordable and easy to use.  

Remote Access VPN 

You can establish a private connection by connecting to a secure remote server through the use of a remote access VPN that routes your connection through a secure remote server. In addition, it encrypts the data in order to keep it secure.  

The most popular option when it comes to using a VPN for personal use is a remote access VPN. The infrastructure of commercial VPN services is also based on these technologies. It’s usually necessary to install VPN software on your computer before you can use a remote access VPN, which encrypts your internet connection by using the VPN software on your computer. 

In addition to the ease of use, one of the main advantages of a VPN with remote access is the ease of use. It is easy to use, so this type of VPN is a good option for people who are new to the concept of VPNs and are looking for something simple.  

It is important to note that remote access VPNs are not a viable option for businesses or operations that require a large level of scale.