Planet Shaper Aut New Universe (Sep) Check Insight!

A Universal Time or AUT is getting renowned among the United States and Canada players and for some valid justifications. The particulars and stands remembered for the game are profoundly incredible, and the players regularly use them to appreciate playing the game.

The engineers likewise center around keeping the gamers occupied with the game by dispatching new specs and stands. Planet Shaper is the new Camellia Stand dispatched by the AUT group. The Planet Shaper Aut New Universe opens numerous capacities and upgrades the gaming experience of the players.

What is Planet Shaper in AUT?

Planet Shaper is the new Camellia Stand, or Song remembered for the AUT New Universe. The stand is delivered by Alu_Dev, an individual from the AUT Team. Planet Shaper is an accessible stand and has numerous extraordinary mobilities and abilities. It is contracted to PS rather than Planet Shaper.

It is a S level substitute the level rundown and recorded as A+ Tier in PvP Tier List. Players are frequently aggravated when battling with Planet Shaper in light of the fact that the stand has spammable snap moves that cause incredible harm to the person. It is trying to get away from the stand.

How to Get the Planet Shaper Aut New Universe?

As referenced, Planet Shaper is reachable in the game. Players can get it by speaking with the Meteors that tend to generates on the mountains. Notwithstanding, players should furnish with Crystallized while cooperating with the Meteors to get the Planet Shaper.

Players have 1 out of 50 opportunities to get the Planet Shaper in the game. Players need to utilize the Arrow key to get the Planet Shaper in AUT.

What are the Abilities of Planet Shaper in AUT?

Planet Shaper is the S Tier Stand that accompanies numerous capacities to improve the gaming encounters. For instance, with Planet Shaper Aut New Universe, players can open the blast that allows them to get quicker with each punch.

It causes 1-harm per punch and can bargain harms up to 49 and keep going for 7.5 seconds. In the wake of opening the blast, it summons detonating gems that can cause 15 harms for each punch and thump the foe proficiently.

In the two sec imprint, you will see precious stone lines across the torrent running quickly. Aside from Planetary Barrage, it works in teleportation twist punch, injecter, ground hammer, reality shift, run, wing cut, and bounce. It gets quicker, and the harms increment up to 31 step by step.


Planet Shaper Aut New Universe is getting popular among gamers. So guarantee to get it in the game to augment your gaming experience.

A Universal Time or AUT has numerous specs and stands that make the game fascinating for the players. For instance, Planet Shaper is the new substitute the New Universe. Players can get this is on the grounds that the stand is possible, expecting players to speak with Meteors producing on the mountains.

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