Pigeon – How To Choose The Best Newborn Baby Bottle

Choosing the right bottle for your newborn baby requires careful consideration. Whether you plan to exclusively bottle-feed, combine bottle and breastfeeding, or transition from breast to bottle, consider the following factors to help you make an informed decision:

Baby’s age

Different baby bottle sizes, shapes, and teats are appropriate for different stages of your baby’s development. Newborns typically require smaller bottles with small-holed teats, while older babies may need larger bottles with wider teat openings. Also, consider if the bottles will be used for formula, breast milk, or a combination of both.

Nipple confusion

If you plan to switch between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, choose a bottle designed to mimic the breast shape. This can help minimise nipple confusion and make it easier for your baby to switch between the two.

Teat design

The teat is a crucial component of a baby bottle. Consider the shape and texture of the teat to ensure it provides comfort and allows easy latching. Look for teats with features like a textured surface for a better latch and a venting system to reduce colic, such as Pigeon’s Air Ventilation System. Also, check if the teat offers different sizes to accommodate your baby’s growth.

Bottle material

Baby bottles are typically made of plastic or glass. Plastic bottles can be regular plastic or medical grade plastic. Plastic bottles are lightweight and suitable for low to regular use, while medical grade plastic bottles are more durable and intended for higher use. Glass bottles offer a plastic-free alternative but are slightly heavier.

Number of bottles

Consider your baby’s feeding frequency, the need for refrigeration, and how often you will clean and sterilise them. Estimate the number of bottles you’ll require based on these factors. Generally, three to four bottles are sufficient for mostly breastfeeding, while eight to ten bottles may be needed for exclusive bottle-feeding.

Remember, every baby is unique and their preferences may vary. Pigeon offers a range of bottles and teats with different designs and materials to cater to individual needs. Explore options like SofTouch bottles and teats with wide necks and soft silicone, or Flexible bottles and teats with various materials and flexible silicone teats for easy latching.

Take your time to assess these factors, don’t rush into buying a baby bottle without considering your baby’s specific needs and preferences. Consult reviews and recommendations, and trust your instincts to choose the best newborn baby bottle for your little one.