Pearl Care

Daily care

Because pearls are biological jewels, they are susceptible to the most severe conditions of acidity, alkalinity, and humidity. If you want the lustre of your pearls to remain intact for as long as possible, you should keep them away from cosmetics, hairspray, and scented products. Following the application of makeup and the completion of hair style, the last step in putting together an outfit should always be accessorising with jewellery.

The lustre of the pearl may also be dulled if the wearer sweats excessively. Before placing each of your pearls back in their various jewellery boxes, you should clean each one of them by wiping it down with a soft cloth first. This will help avoid this from occurring.


Pearls have a structure that is extremely cohesive and is resistant to the effects of stress; despite this, they may be scratched by sharp things or by other gemstones. Pearls are also resistant to the effects of heat. When you are finished fastening your jewellery with clasps and pins, place each piece in its own independent compartment inside a jewellery box that has many sections. If you do that, you’ll avoid being tangled up and scratched. When transporting jewellery, it is important to ensure its safety by using a bag specifically designed for that purpose.

Because storing pearl jewellery in a closed container for a lengthy amount of time might cause pearls to dry out and lose their lustre, it is essential that pearls be worn on a regular basis. Pearls, as the common saying goes, “demand to be worn,” and this idiom couldn’t be more accurate about these beautiful gems.

Pearl Hoop Earrings are meant to be worn on a daily basis and should only be put on for formal events such as weddings and other not occasions that call for a more sophisticated look.

You should be aware that the nacre of the pearl and the mounting may be compromised if you plan to wear your Mikimoto ring on a regular basis. This is something you should consider before doing so.


Even when handled with the utmost care, it is possible for the tiny components of the jewellery to get displaced from their original positions. Before you put on your jewellery, you should examine the prongs that hold the stones, the clasps on the necklaces, the screws on the earrings, and the pins on the brooches. Also, make sure the stones are secure in their settings.

Necklaces that use Mikimoto cultured pearls are strung with the highest quality silk thread to guarantee that they are not only gorgeous but also durable. In spite of this, if this thread were to loosen up or stretch, it may break in a place that you wouldn’t anticipate. Even if you don’t put on your pearls very often, it’s still a good idea to have them restrung at least once a year. This will keep them looking beautiful for longer.


If you realise that the shine on your jewellery is beginning to fade, you should discuss the matter with a qualified professional. If you want to keep your pearl jewellery in pristine condition, you should never use an ultrasonic cleaner on it since doing so runs the risk of scratching or marring the surface of the pearls.