Pass Rates for CPA Exams Fluctuate From Year to Year

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam remains one of the hardest professional tests for individuals to pass. Even students who study hard for the exam fail to achieve a passing score and some students have to take the exam multiple times before passing. Historical and cumulative CPA pass rates tend to hover in the neighborhood of 45-55% in a given year. Different sections of the exam have different pass rates, with the FAR portion typically holding the lowest pass rates.

The difference in pass rates from year to year can be explained by inadequate or improper student preparation. A flawed approach having to do with the choice of a CPA Review course, lack of proper support,  or poor CPA Review materials can drastically affect a student’s exam score. 

With candidates averaging a score of around 50%, CPA Exam pass rates speak for themself. 

A Close Look at CPA Pass Rates

Information from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) reveals that in the first two quarters of 2021 those who took the CPA exam had slightly lower rates than in 2020. The details for the cumulative pass rates for the CPA exam in 2021 are as follows:

  • The AUD section saw a pass rate of 49.70%
  • The BEC section received a rate of 62.80%
  • The FAR section saw a rate of 44.70%
  • The REG  section received a rate of 59.03

Scores from 2020 averaged approximately 3% points higher. A look back at earlier data tells a similar tale of around 50% of students passing the CPA exam. In contrast, those who take a CPA Exam review course, like UWorld Roger CPA Review have a better chance of passing the CPA Exam. 

A Closer Look at UWorld Roger CPA Review 

What sets UWorld Roger CPA Review apart from others is a suite of valuable resources that help future CPA professionals prepare for a rewarding career as a CPA.r. Their review courses include following features:

  • Full-length practice CPA exams
  • Tailored quizzes on multiple topics
  • Engaging lectures from expert instructors
  • Personalized study plans
  • Digital flashcards with spaced repetition technology
  • Fully-featured mobile app

You also have the option of signing up for only the section of the exam that you plan to work on. The Auditing and Attestation review section drills down on the information related to this portion of the CPA Exam. You can also do the same for Business Environment and Concepts, Financial Reporting and Accounting and Regulation. 

A Glance at the Benefits of Active Learning

Several details separate UWorld Roger CPA Review from other companies, including quality CPA exam practice questions and integrated technology features. Their course also takes a more active approach to learning, eschewing the outdated methods of boring lectures and passive online learning sessions.

Their active-learning method is designed to help students master the concepts to be tested on a professional exam. This requires the active participation of each student. Many studies show that students learn more through this process. Not only does this help learners master the knowledge to pass the CPA Exam, but it can also help them hit the professional field running and ready to contribute. This has significant implications for advancement and salary.

Active learning employs learning by doing principles, focused learning and simplified learning. It also uses multi-sensory methods to increase comprehension and retention by making use of tactile, auditory and visual learning methods to appeal to all types of learners. Finally, the success of this process reaps the following benefits:

  • Better student outcomes on exams and in the field
  • Increased learning through visual aids
  • Enhanced retention of concepts and information

Active learning accounts for the success of CPA candidates because they  learn more and retain important information for the exam.